Amberlight 2 Review and Free Giveaway: An Incredible Tool for Animations, Backgrounds and Effects

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Stylized digital arts may have become easier as technology has advanced, but it still takes a powerful tool and a skilled artist to make something special.

Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon a tool that gets the job done, giving you half of the equation.

The Amberlight 2 program is a solution for developing stunning images and animations (just look at some of the screenshots below). The goal with this project is to offer a platform that doesn’t make it too hard for people to unleash their creativity. Making a design from scratch is tedious and frustrating. So, the Amberlight 2 tool seems to have a package that’s aiming to make it fun.


Although Amberlight 2 was created for advanced artists, the developers state that they encourage any creative people to give it a try. The company develops products that are useful for both hobbyists and professional designers. Since the user interface is really simple, even someone just getting started shouldn’t have any problems.

We’re going to examine some of the features and results from the art program, but first let’s cover the free giveaway, as discussed in the title:

Your Chance at an Amberlight 2 Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff, so since you’re an Inspired Mag reader we’d like to give away one license of Amberlight 2 to a lucky individual.

This giveaway will only run for 24 hours, so read the one requirement below for your chance at a free Amberlight license!

Giveaway requirement: Answer the following question in the comments box below the article:

In what projects would you plan on using Amberlight if you were to win the free license?

Check out the Amberlight 2 trailer for an inside look:

Amberlight 2 Pricing

A 30 day money back guarantee is provided for anyone who downloads Amberlight 2 then decides they don’t want it anymore.

That said, the Amberlight 2 software goes for a flat rate of $59.99.

If you’ve downloaded Amberlight 1 in the past, you can get the new version for a discounted price. This is a local software, so you’re not going to be designing anything from your web browser. However, most of the really good design tools are like that anyways. Not to mention, Amberlight 2 comes in Mac and Windows file formats.

Amberlight 2 Features


From animations to backgrounds, we enjoy the results that come out of Amberlight 2 as much as the next designer, but what are some of the backend tools you can look forward to?


Amberlight 2 delivers an interesting set of features that allow for rendering images or animations. Basically, the output of the program is as useful as the design settings, considering you can make just about anything you want with this. The fast procedural Amberlight renderer provides a beautifully sleek process for speeding up your workflow and making your designs a little less tedious.


Choose from a wide selection of predefined gradients to make your animations and backgrounds look wonderful. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, so these gradients cut on some of the unnecessary work you would have to go through with other tools.

Multiple File Types

Once you’ve made something cool with the Amberlight 2 program, you’re going to want to export it into a different file type. Luckily, Amberlight 2 provides quite a few options for this. For example, you can turn your designs into JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG files.

MOV or MKV video files are options, and they come in handy when looking for variety after making so many images. The videos are lossless, and Amberlight 2 has support for 4k compressed videos. Oh yea, and you can drag and drop images from your folders or a website.

A Beautiful Interface


Yes, the results you’ll find with Amberlight are beautiful, but the design interface is pretty sweet too. It’s rather user friendly, and you can customize it to meet your own work standards. The custom keyboard shortcuts are useful for those who want to make the process a little more rapid, while the fullscreen mode comes into play when you want to block out all of those distractions on your desktop.

Amberlight 2 Support


Amberlight 2 is sold by the Escape Motions company, which provides support for any questions you may have. A full Support page is included on the Escape Motions website, with FAQs, documentation, manuals, demos and more. You can shoot the company an email if you can’t figure out your problem with the support documents. You won’t gain access to phone or live chat support, but email and documentation seems to be adequate.

What Kinds of Projects Can Amberlight 2 Help You With?

The Amberlight 2 site says that the tool is handy for those looking to design the following:

  • Animations
  • Images
  • Backgrounds
  • Special Effects


We agree with this, but it seems like there’s so much more that you can do with Amberlight. Abstract images generated in Amberlight can be beautifully combined with your photos or sketches,  tons of items can be created, many of which resemble swirling patterns, glows, light trails, space objects, aliens, jellyfish and more. You’ll also notice that the images and backgrounds look rather entrancing, with the wide variety of fields and gradients you can incorporate into your workflow.

We actually recommend going to the Experiments page to take a look at some of the projects that artists have been working on. These are great for getting ideas and understanding how the different fields, positions and parameters work together to generate something new.

In addition, you should check out the Gallery, which is a large showcase of some of the designs that have come from Amberlight 2. Heck, you may even want to make your own creation and send it in to be featured on the website.


The Advanced Animation Mode is one of the highlights of the most recent update, and it lets designers make artwork and animations and save them as images, image sequences or videos.

Don’t Forget to Join the Giveaway

Now that you’ve seen the power of Amberlight 2, scroll down to the comments section below for your chance to win a free license of Amberlight 2. We really think that some designers out there could use this to make some cool projects, so answer this question for your submission:

In what projects would you plan on using Amberlight if you were to win the free license?

Once 24 hours has passed, each response will be read by the Amberlight Escape Motions team. They will choose a winner, and we’ll announce it soon! Good luck.

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  • Artiste de Lumière

    I would use Amberlight 2 for my artistic projects. Escape Motion produce software that inspires our imagination so it would be a shame to miss. Go on :-)

  • Matt

    I would use Amberlight 2, much like I do with Rebelle, to give voice to those with no voice. I paint portraits of shelter animals, sell the paintings, and donate the proceeds to rescues and shelters.

  • Martin Dudek

    I would use Amberlight 2 to make further stunning quote cards for . I worked with Amberlight 1 before but the new features of version 2 seem very promising to me.

  • Christian Haase

    I would use Amberlight2 to enrich my artistic experiments. I would like to create some megapixel outputs to do large scale prints. I imagine the visual impact to be amazing.

  • Peter Blaskovic

    @disqus_ZXfHSMvxxS:disqus @martin_dudek:disqus @artistedelumiere:disqus
    Thank you guys for your valuable comments!
    The decision was hard – all of you are very talented artists.
    So here it goes…..we’d like to give away a newest Amberlight 2 to @disqus_vsruCmlcGO:disqus.
    Matt, please write us to and we’ll send you your license.

    Have a great creative day,
    Peter and Escape Motions Team

    • Artiste de Lumière

      Thank to you :-)