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In 2001 Inquinet was launched as a start-up business with a few dedicated clients, however in 2003 the company was re-branded as A2 Hosting. Today we are happy to review their hosting services. Throughout this review we will focus on three main areas; first we will look at what makes their hosting solutions so fast, secondly we will examine their WordPress hosting solutions, and finally their all-inclusive hosting offers.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why this hosting company is so popular with clients is the fact they offer extremely fast hosting solutions. Every website owner will tell you that the speed of your site has a profound impact on not only how long visitors stay on your site but also whether they will come back in the future. Since the company use SSDs instead of normal hard drives, customers can expect much faster page loading times. As you can see in the image below the company boasts a 1.9 second page load time compared to GoDaddy with 5.2 seconds and clocking in at almost 5X faster than HostGator.

If you are looking to host a WordPress site, then there are so many great features to consider. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that you can host an unlimited number of blogs. If you already have a WordPress site up and running then the company will transfer your site to their servers free of charge. If you are worried that setup is too difficult then A2 Hosting offers very easy setup, and should you need assistance they also offer a Guru Crew who will answer any WordPress hosting questions you may have. This video shows just how easy the setup can be:

The third area we want to discuss is the All-Inclusive hosting. In other words there are no hidden fees. When they say everything is included in the package they really mean everything. The image below shows a comparison between several hosting companies. As you can see sites such as SiteGround and HostGator charge for Malware protection, while GoDaddy doesn’t even offer it. However this company will never charge you a dime for any of the features included in the table below:

If you are looking for a host that offers almost everything in unlimited quantities, then you should really give this company a chance. According to their website 90% of their customers sign up for either the Prime or Prime + SSD package, the first package costs $4.97/mo while the latter costs a mere 7.46/mo. As mentioned earlier these accounts then come with unlimited storage, free transfer, unlimited emails, domains and much more.

There is no doubt in my mind if I was looking for a hosting company then I would definitely take A2 Hosting into consideration before making my final decision. The fact that they offer SSD speeds should help make any decision easier.

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