9 companies using tablets to drive revenue

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The world is becoming an increasingly tablet driven place, and a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon. While the notion of using a personal computing device to handle everyday business is still a fairly new one, particularly when it comes to tablets, many forward thinking businesses are getting involved at a rapid pace. The following are just a few companies that are using tablets to make their businesses stronger.


Sephora Beauty Store Opening

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Sephora has recently instituted a pilot program in its stores that involves using tablets at both the point of sale and with the store’s beauty specialists. This way, not only can customers easily find the best products for their needs, but they can also have an easier check out. While the program may or may not take off, the fact that Sephora is taking a chance on it says that the company is open to trying something dramatically new to offer the best possible service.



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If you have ever had the mysterious experience of wanting to try a new colour but being afraid that it would turn out awful, you would do well to find a stylist who uses the new app from Redken that takes the mystery away. With the Redken app, stylists can check out thousands of different colour formulas, and show their clients what those colours actually look like, instead of simply tearing a page out of a magazine. This helps stylists to stay on top of the latest trends, makes the process of checking out different styles and colours an easy one, and helps with client relationships at the same time.



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Boothify uses the power of the tablet PC and its digital camera to act like an instant branding platform and an old-fashioned photo booth. While you can print out the photos at any time, you can also brand and project your live pics, tweets, and instagram posts at any event with total custom potential. No matter what kind of event a company may be running, boothify’s use of the tablet has opened up accessibility in a way that has never existed in the past. The possibilities for putting together DVDs of the events being projected also offer a potential revenue stream for most any company that uses Boothify.

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

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The world of professional sports is split heatedly about the use of tablet PCs, and so it is no surprise that certain stadiums have actually banned the devices from their grounds. However, some forward thinking teams around the world have embraced this technology. For example, the Giants’ AT&T Park offers free wi-fi to the fans. This trend is quite possibly the best thing to happen to professional sports in a long time, and hopefully all stadiums will soon join the tablet revolution.



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Have you ever felt a bit intimidated when it came time to select a beer or a wine, and everyone else seemed to instinctively know what they wanted? If this has ever been the case for you, you are a prime candidate for the use of the Uncorkd app, which allows you to easily sift through a large choice of different beers and wines on a tablet. Like a menu with a lot more potential for depth and easy customisation by a number of factors, the Uncorkd app allows you to get what you want with ease and look like you know what you’re doing — even if you are a complete novice.



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Paying for things is getting that much easier to do, and Starbucks is leading the charge once again. With an app from Square on its side, you can use any kind of device with a bar code scanner, whether it be a tablet or a smart phone, and scan your drink or snack with ease. Once it is scanned, you have paid through a credit card you link up to your Square account in advance. With apps like this one, the bothersome line for your morning java may soon be a thing of the past.

Royal Caribbean

El Trasatlantico Independence the Seas, en el Puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (10-Mayo-2010)

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If you have ever been on a cruise before, you know how daunting the experience can be. With so many excursions to potentially book, so many activities on the ship to check out, and so many things you may be interested in but not even know about, the process can leave you worn out before you have even had a chance to start the real fun. With Royal Caribbean’s new app, and a tablet it issues to its passengers, you now have the option of going through the activities on the ship, scheduling excursions on shore, and even receiving special offers tailored to your interests.



 Image via vailjuniorchamps.blogspot.com

The mobile world does not just come about through mass experiences. Sometimes the most intimate of moments can be captured in a way that was built for a mobile device. Using EpicMix, you can capture the entire process of a skiing adventure in a combination of pictures and your GPS device. This is an even better way to share where you’ve been and how much fun it was, rather than a few static pics from the top of the mountain and a story you’ll tell a bunch of times.

Gorman Farm


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Even tiny local businesses such as Gorman Farm of Laurel, Maryland in the United States use tablets to make their businesses run more effectively. Small time entrepreneurs get a professional touch by custom building stands for their tablets, using them as point of sale cash registers, and asking people to sign up for their email lists. With a tablet and a scale, they can even take all the guess-work out of determining how much a bag of produce picked that morning will run the customer. As village markets become more high-tech and take on the full capabilities of larger retail operations, the little guy should be far more competitive with international food conglomerates in the future.

Tablet PCs are making life a lot easier for businesses of every size. All over the world, tablets are making business more profitable.

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