9 Amazing Photoshop tutorials that will make you a pro

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As a web designer, there is nothing I love more than learning new things, when it comes to Photoshop I am always amazed at some of the things that people are able to create. Every once in a while, I will sit down and try to recreate some of these amazing things, and that is where tutorials enter the picture. In this short post we have found 9 absolutely stunning tutorials that will make you a Photoshop pro.

If you have come across any amazing tutorials  that you would like to share with us, then feel free to leave us a comment below.

Create Leafy Face Photo Manipulation in Photoshop Tutorial


How to Turn your Image into a Color Mixture Photo in Adobe Photoshop CS5


How to Create a Simple and useful Flame Effect in Photoshop


Create Punk Poster Art in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Neon Glow Effect Photoshop tutorial


Blending Images Together Seamlessly – Photoshop tutorial


Create Unleash the Dark Power Surreal Scene in Photoshop


How to Clean up Your Photo Backgrounds in Photoshop


The Creation of Thinker Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


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