8 Totally Awesome Mobile Website Designs

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When mobility and functionality work together, users are better able to navigate the online landscape from anywhere. But, when it comes to mobile website design, some companies are doing it better than others. In the world of website usability, here are some mobile designs that are a cut above the rest in terms of user experience.

1. Facebook


Image via Flickr by melenita2012

For the social networkers out there, Facebook’s mobile usability is next level in terms of seamless functionality. The timeline offers users rolling features like profile browsing, status updating, and picture sharing from one incredibly responsive mobile site. And these recognizable features are available across all platforms.

2. Golf Digest


 Image via Golf Digest

When it comes to intuitive features, Golf Digest’s mobile website is a hole-in-one. With the progressive disclosure feature, users are able to see hints about upcoming content without it all spilling on the page at once. Likewise, scrolling navigation offers preloaded mobile webpages, so there’s no wait time from page to page.

3. Disney


Image via Disney

Combining mobile website design with magic, the dream weavers at Disney came up with a responsive design project with digital imagery in mind. Its unbelievable design gives users everything they want in terms of beautiful, high-definition videos, and interactive elements that aren’t affected by size scaling – regardless of platform. Go try your hand at exploring this simple mobile site. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find what you didn’t even realize what you’re looking for.

4. Sephora


Image via Sephora

Although the company uses a completely different site for its desktop campaign, Sephora’s mobile site is clean and extremely navigational. For example, finding your way through wish lists, brands, and the Sephora shop on your mobile device or smartphone is as easy as choosing from an eye-catching arrangement of homepage category tiles.

5. Time


 Image via Time

Considering Time Magazine’s main goal is to offer its readers the best content possible in a straightforward way, it’s no wonder their mobile website strives for the same. With minimalist readability and practicality at its heart, Time’s mobile endeavor is a unified site that feeds all platforms with the end-user in mind.

Whether you plan to access the site via your BlackBerry 10 device, or to download its easy-to-use mobile app, the site navigation is truly top notch. The app, specifically designed for BlackBerry users, features free access to Time content, including notable photography and quotable quotes. There’s actually an option to customize the app according to your favorite sections of the newsworthy magazine.

6. Wolfram Alpha


Image via Wolfram Alpha

If you think that everything involved with computational search engine analytics is impossible to display in a mobile setting, think again. Wolfram Alpha offers web developers, researchers, and everyday users detailed graphs and statistical charts on Internet usage in a simple, cross-platform mobile site. It’s analytics on the go.

Navigating your way around this innovative search engine is really slick on both smartphone and tablet devices alike.

7. Starbucks

Photo 2013-07-29 02.10.11 PM

 Image via Starbucks

The leader in coffee is also a leader in inspirational mobile website design. In realizing that more and more of its customers access their site via smartphone, Starbucks decided to create a site that’s all about the mobile user. Its content-forward, intuitively designed mobile site makes navigating the coffee brand a pleasure from anywhere.

The ease of navigation of the Starbucks mobile site is refreshingly simple. Pun intended.

8. Grey Goose


Image via Grey Goose

For Grey Goose Vodka, it’s all about the taste. For Grey Goose’s mobile site, it’s all about the look and functionality. The theme throughout the liquor company’s mobile website is a grey color scheme and simple typography. Add that to the ease of use in discovering everything the site has to offer and it’s a cross-platform site that’s tailor-made for mobility.

From social networking to timeless magazines, mobile website beauty and inspiration is found on all kinds of sites, making it even more convenient for consumers to find what they are looking for.

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