8 gadgets every true audiophile needs to own

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As an audiophile you appreciate the highest form of high fidelity sound reproduction. So, not surprisingly you will want to own all the best gadgets that reproduce that sound quality. With technology changing all the time and the quality of sound being enhanced in gadgets daily here are some of the must have gadgets available to you now.

1 – An iPhone

At number ten we have the iPhone, purely because you need a phone that also has great sound quality, it plays all your music from iTunes and the speakers that come with the new iPhones are a lot better than they were in the past. It has in car connectivity so it’s a perfect portable solution for music lovers.


Ok, so the iPhone isn’t exactly a highly technical audio gadget, but it’s got a lot going for it and you can’t always be sat in the same room as your high-end speaker system.

2 – Wireless speakers

To fit perfectly with the iPhone is the Bowers and Wilkins Desktop system the Z2. A wireless speaker system.

wireless speakers

  • Streams directly form iTunes, or from a networked MAC or PC.
  • Or directly for an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Streams over Wi-Fi or via lightening connecter.
  • Streams music apps or Internet radio
  • Improved bass response, power supplied via a pair of DSP augmented 20w class d speakers.

3 – An amplifier

One thing all Audiophiles need in their gadget selection is an amplifier. Modwright Instruments have recently launched their new Integrated Amplifier. The KWI 200 is a fully active live stage pre amp.


  • It’s a digitally controlled analog stepped attenuator
  • The Power amp section is called ‘Solid State Music Stage’ has one gain stage providing 26db of gain
  • It has no global feedback
  • Nice simple layout, straightforward and intuitive to use.

4 – Headphones

Headphones are a must for an audiophile, but there is so much more to this gadget than most technophobes realise – if earbuds and tinny high end isn’t your thing, you may want to consider some professional level Audio Technica DJ monitor headphones.

Audio Technica Headphones

High-end headphones are worth the investment and they deliver an exceptional level of sound smoothness and evenness of frequency response, free of gain. If you want to call yourself an audiophile then anything short of these is just not cutting it.

5 – Cables

You know how regular folk just think of cables as background items that don’t really matter (if they think about them at all)?

You know you’re an audiophile when you get excited by an Audioquest Diamond USB cable, or a 10mm Van Damme phono cable with gold connections!

6 – Speaker cabinets

Speakers are a pretty important part of anyone’s hifi, but for you, sound quality matters at all levels – you don’t just want loud bass, you want accurate and crisp bass that compliments the music rather than drown it out.

You know that the quality of the box matters just as much as (if not more than) the quality of the speaker. This is why most audiophiles have at least considered building their own speaker box / cabinet at some point!

7 – Turntables

There’s just something cool about records, may it’s the fact that these simple and arguably out-dated devices are where music really started. Many audiophiles will tell you that the sound you get from a turntable is unique from their high-tech equivalents.


Turntables are coming back into fashion with an upsurge in the popularity of vinyl records again.

Rega have introduced a new turntable, it has a two piece glass flywheel platter, an upgraded tone arm with counter balance weight and a newly designed arm carrier and head shell… It’s worth a look.

8 – A Tuner

No Audiophile would be without a tuner, radio is still as popular today as it’s always been, listening to music or plays or sport through your sound system can help you work on other things whilst listening without having to change tracks.

The NAD C 466 is not only a AM/FM tuner but it also gives you access to Internet radio and the ability to stream wirelessly from your PC or Android phone.

Author bio: This guest post was written by Peter from KingsAudio.co.uk. Peter is a music lover and audio reproduction expert, he loves reading and writing about sound and is always learning new things.

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