7 web design inspirations taken from automotive sites

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Big companies are held to high standards in today’s high-tech world. It’s not enough to just make a quality product, you have to be able to market and represent it in a way that draws people in. Car companies are constantly competing for top honors, so it’s not surprising that they’re always trying to one up each other in the streets, and on the web. By using features like cool photos, and interactive customization, these car companies can make you fall in love with your dream car before you even take it out for a test-drive.



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Once you get into the Bugatti site, you can get up close and personal with a lot of user interface. You can take a guided tour of the Bugatti factory, get 360 degree views of some of their top models, and learn all about the tech specs and design. The Bugatti experience lets you watch performance videos of various models, so you feel like you’re in the driver seat. The stark white borders help the high-res images really stand out.



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The design of the Bentley site is a bit different than the others. Pictures and information are relatively small, and centered in the screen. The stark white background gives great contrast, and makes the cars stand out even more than they already do. Bentley also offers several ways to interact outside of their site, with mobile apps and Bentley clubs and associations. It feels more stand-offish than other sites in the sense that you have to do a bit more digging for information. On the upside, the homepage is very clean, and not cluttered with a lot of pictures or information.

Aston Martin


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Unlike the Bentley and Bugatti sites, Aston Martin makes sure their cars are front and center. The images are bright and eye-catching, and they zoom past in an endless slide show. Each model is given its own 10 page slide show and brochure. You can even take a glimpse at the CC100 Concept car with a short video, and 360 degree views. Once you’re hooked, you can sign up for a test drive, from your local dealer, right there on the site.



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The color scheme of the Jaguar website is much darker compared to its competitors, but it gives the site a definite sense of drama. Bright colored photos whizz through the home screen, and keep your attention. Jaguar also gives you the option to customize the car of your choice, including color, interior, and accessories. You can also view the prices as you make changes, so you know exactly how much your dream car will cost you. The interactive nature of the site helps you visualize yourself actually owning a Jaguar.



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Ferrari also utilizes the dark background in order to give their cars that extra bit of drama. The site offers a factory tour, mobile apps, and a store where you can buy everything from Ferrari brand glasses and shoes to iPad cases. You can check out the specs on their most popular models, or watch videos from Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi. As far as branding goes, Ferrari definitely takes the cake. If they can’t sell you a car with their name on it, they’ll get you to buy something else. This site is a bit chaotic with all of the information, things to buy and videos.



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Audi is the only website on the list that utilizes all of the space available. Each page is wall to wall pictures and information. Whereas the other sites get your attention with a lot of visuals, Audi offers a lot of history and information as well. The site offers helpful tutorial videos on how to use your car’s features and functions, estimate your payments, and customize your future car.

The perk of having an information-heavy site interwoven with pictures, from a user experience (and marketing) standpoint, is that people will retain that information. The next time they’re doing research or looking for new car reviews on KBB online, they’ll remember the tech specs that stood out most to them, and they’ll remember your brand.



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Standing out from the crowd is never a bad thing. The Trail Rated Jeep shows each of its models in their natural habitat, from city streets to blazing trails. The interface of this site is very interactive, and you can build and price your ideal car, compare capabilities in various models, watch commercials, and even see what causes Jeep supports. This site is laid out in a much more casual way, while the others feel like you’re in a museum, viewing art. The Jeep site has an easy to navigate flow, and is easy on the eyes.

The next time you’re looking for design inspiration for marketing purposes, or just aesthetics, remember to look to the pros. Luxury items require luxury websites, so you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from.

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