The 7 Top eCommerce Themes You Need for Building Your Store

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Your first thoughts of what an online store should look like quite naturally might be along the lines of something unique and highly innovative, i.e., a store, the likes of which its visitors have never seen before. Innovation has its place in many types of website design, but that is not necessary the truth in the case of eCommerce websites –  and here is why.

Five things you should take into account to build a winner:

  • A little innovation may be good, but familiarity is much better for an online store. Heed Krug’s first law of usability: “Don’t make me think.”, and you’ll be much better off. Don’t make visitors have to try to figure out how to get what they want.
  • Keep your homepage banner simple. Users aren’t interested in a flashy banner while shopping. Overdoing your home page design can make your store look cheap.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a copycat. Display your products much the same as others display theirs. Your customers will appreciate it.
  • Think mobile – first, last, and always. Roughly have of your potential customers shop from mobile devices.
  • Select a fast, lightweight theme, and you have a much better chance at creating a fast and reliable eCommerce website.

XStore Responsive WooCommerce Theme


XStore’s authors took the first law of usability seriously when then built this award- winning eCommerce theme. As a result, it’s exceptionally easy to use. You don’t have to puzzle your way through things, just as you don’t want your customers to have to figure out how to get from point A to point B while in shopping. You’ll have no problem at all getting from one place to the next while building page after beautiful page.

Hovering over XStore’s  27 demos will present you with some cool ideas you can use for your online shop, but everywhere you look you see that the examples given purposefully have that somewhat familiar look that makes customers comfortable, and keeps them engaged.

XStore is responsive and RTL ready, making it easier to connect with shoppers globally. Visual Composer is the builder of choice, and XStore is of course, 100% WooCommerce compatible. You will find this theme’s user support is super helpful and a set of video tutorials is included in the package to help you with installation, managing settings, and more.



Lightweight, fast, and reliable: that’s Merchandiser in a nutshell. There’s more to this minimalist theme than that of course, but you can still expect super response, and see it in your deliverables as well. If you’ve been burdened in the past by trying to get by with an over-bloated WP theme, or if what you want is a website-building tool that has the features you need, and nothing more, Merchandiser is definitely worth a close look.

Features include the ever-popular Visual Composer page builder for WordPress which, when teamed up with Merchandiser’s own Theme Customizer, gives you a host of customization options, plus the ability to preview and modify your site’s appearance settings. Off-canvas shopping cart and product quick view options are among this theme’s many pleasant surprises.

Merchandiser gives you the ability to sell anything you want online, and if you’re considering building an affiliate site, it has all the necessary features to support that as well.



Mystile is a clean, lightweight eCommerce theme. It’s responsive, and it comes bundled with plenty of options. It’s also more than just another WooCommerce- compatible theme. Mystile is a WooCommerce theme, and better yet, it’s a free download. It’s not supported as is however, but if you purchase any other WooCommerce product, the support is there.

Free is always a nice option when your entering new territory, or simply looking for a better way to build an online store.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme


Name a feature you simply must have to build an online store, and Uncode has it. Parallax scroll, one page scroll, pricing tables, counters and countdown, gallery    options –  and the list goes on. What many users like best about Uncode is its set of concepts you can select from to get an eCommerce project underway. These concepts are nicely packaged in five categories, plus there are 5 different special pages, each with a number of design options.



Each of these eCommerce themes has it strengths. Divi’s lies in its building block approach and its use of customizable content modules – 46 of them. This combination enables you to build any type of website, including any type of eCommerce website (several of the content modules are dedicated to that specific purpose). With Divi, you can build any website quickly, and down to the minutest detail.

KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multipurpose Theme


KLEO, the #1 BuddyPress theme for 2016, has a lot going for it. This multipurpose theme is a great choice for your eCommerce needs, as well as for building community websites, publishing a blog, or putting in place a stunning portfolio to highlight your products, services, or accomplishments.

A set of 24 plugins is included, several of which have been designed specifically with online stores in mind. As you might expect, the WooCommerce plugin is among them.

Merchant WordPress Theme


This hip, super-responsive, super-flexible, and translation ready theme will make converting your vision of what an award-winning online store should have in the    way of an awesome UX, into reality. Plus, since Merchant Easy Layout Creator lives up to its authors’ claims, building your online shop should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

This 100% WooCommerce compatible eCommerce theme provides everything you need to showcase your products, create a portfolio, or publish a catalog.

It can sometimes be difficult to make a choice, when presented with a selection of top-quality themes, where each one seems to have a certain advantage over the next. If you’re still fairly new to web design, you might consider the free download as a means of getting your feet wet. Otherwise, it’s more a matter of seeing which of the special features each of these themes highlights might make your work easier and better.

Once you get started, don’t rely on your chosen theme to do all of the work for you. Take the design tips presented up front to heart, focus on usability at all times, and you should do well.

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