7 Productivity Tools To Get More Done

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Getting all the things done is getting more difficult as we speak I found. With Twitter reaching 200 million Tweets a day, Google putting out their own Social Network and Facebook continuing to thrive too, the amount of distractions are plentiful.

Managing all these social media activities successfully and getting the work done we want to, is sometimes not easy. Here are my top 7 Productivity Tools to be more efficient online.

1.) Buffer – Tweet When Others Listen

Whenever you are reading news, is often not a great time to actually share it. In my case I like to read late at night, when most of my followers aren’t online anymore. Instead of putting your great article finds to waste, try adding them to your Buffer. The App will post them well spaced out at better times during the day.

How to get more done: Buffer allows you to add Tweets from any website with their browser extensions, so you can spend a short time each day filling it up.


2.) Teux Deux – A super simple to do list

I found it often very easy to overwhelm myself with to do list Apps that clutter my page and brain. Yet, this little App offers a fantastic clutter free solution I haven’t experienced before. In a weekly overview you can enter your tasks and it additionally offers you a “someday” bucket that you can add tasks too.

How to get more done: The App offers a handy Iphone App, so you can check off your things from on the road. It even offers multiple accounts on it.


3.) Let’s Crate – File sharing at it’s simplest

If you thought Dropbox is doing a great job at making filesharing easy, then let me introduce you to Let’s Crate. Without any signup process you can simply drop your files into the big box on the landing page and that’s it. The App will generate a link for you that you can share with your co-workers and friends. It has never been easier.

How to get more done: If you do decide to sign up for an account, you can easily organize all your files in boxes and turn it into a Dropbox.


4.) Minutes.io – Take minutes the easy way

The App tells you in its tagline: “It’s so simple, you have to try it for yourself – no signup”. And it is actually true, once you tried out, it is incredibly simple how fast you are able to set things up. Everything that is necessary to put in for taking minutes is already there. Simply fill it in whilst you are in the meeting and file it to everyone in minutes.

How to get more done: The App by itself just triggered me to get lots more done, but I think the built in facilities to print off or email the minutes to all attendees are particularly worth mentioning.


5.) SimpleNote – Taking notes from anywhere

Jotting down things when an idea strikes us can often be a pain. I used to type it into a doc until I came across SimpleNote. The handy browser extension let’s you add notes to your extended memory in a split second. By putting hashtags to it, you can order them and automatically put them into folders. I also love that you are able to publish your notes.

How to get more done: The great part about SimpleNote is that it ties in with a ton of other Apps as it is an open platform. You can check them out here and improve your workflow.


6.) StrawberryJ.am – Read only your top news

Another great App I came to love is called StrawberryJ.am that facilitates my life a lot when consuming news. It takes your Twitter stream and displays only the best and most often mentioned tweets. This helps me a greatly to cut through the clutter and find the most valuable pieces of news in a fast and beautifully designed manner.

How to get more done: The App offers you to send daily digest emails of these top news so you can focus more on your work.


7.) MockFlow – Take your Wireframes to the next level

Although Mockflow is definitely not the first App offering you wireframing facilities it is certainly one of the best ones I have come across yet. You can draw your mock-ups with great detail and in a short space of time. The great part is that it also works offline, so you don’t have to worry about getting interrupted when you are on the go.

How to get more done: What really helped a great deal was the fact that I was able to export my wireframes in html form and build websites really easily.


These are my top 7 Apps I use daily for keeping my workflow efficient and constant. Do you find any of these useful? Do you have any more to suggest?

Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Buffer, a smarter way to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and more. Leo also writes more Social Media tips at blog.bufferapp.com