7 Nationality-Influenced Patterns to Inspire Your Website Design

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design patterns that have come from traditional visuals of nationalities or world regions. Sometimes we pick up on this, and other times we are not so certain of the origins of a certain pattern to which we are drawn. Even more often, viewers won’t pick up on those influences when they witness the final product of your website.

But just because they don’t know where the inspiration came from doesn’t mean you won’t benefit. So here are seven fantastic patterns that will be sure to inspire your own website design, all based on nationalities and world regions.

1. Persian

Persian rugs

When we think of Persian design, what comes to mind first? Probably Persian rugs, the most popular item to come out of the region. Beautiful, colorful and extremely elaborate, the rugs are a prize to own owing to their quality and attention to detail.

They can also give you some great design ideas if you pick out small portions to emulate or adapt from the overall pattern. Or you can be inspired by the colors, rich and deep in tone, usually in red, orange, gold, brown and purple. You can find a nice collection of Persian rug pictures from all over the region here. Want something more modern? This blog post has 10 examples of Persian and Arabic graffiti.

Persian Design

2. Japanese

Japanese Design

There is something to be said about building a design for a website against what you would normally style for a home. This translates beautifully when you are talking about Japanese styles. Japan is usually associated with clean lines, gentle colors and simple design.

There is a zen feeling that is rather minimalist in nature, and mild tones mixed with sudden blasts of color, like beige and red with rich woods, are common. HGTV’s Kayla Kitts put together a great photo slideshow of 15 Japanese-inspired decorating ideas for homes. But the detail in each one gives you a great foundation for building a concept for a website, especially with the colors and the way you can see how such an elaborate design influence still manages to be so clean.

3. Egyptian

Egyptian Design

If you are considering an Egyptian influence for a design, there is next to no possibility that you are talking about modern-day Egypt. The ancient styles and motifs are much too popular and well known to keep from slipping into your mind when you think of the area. But with how gorgeous the old patterns seen so often in collections from that time are, you will be sure to appreciate that the style has been maintained

I, personally, think the best way to find inspiration is to just look at those ancient patterns and start from scratch. Here are some via Google Images. Just be careful not to overdo the pattern too much, finding a clean way to present it, because ancient Egyptian designs are usually very detailed and busy, which can be hard on the eyes. You can also be inspired, however, by the architecture, which is a breathtaking example of human ingenuity.

4. African

African Design

Web designs inspired by Africa are a dime a dozen. Not only do you have traditional patterns to look at, but there are also modern, regional and nature themed. Because Africa is one of the most intensely beautiful and expansive places in the world, the amount of effort that has been put into designing websites based on the motif is overwhelming.

That is why I was so thrilled to find this FlashMint post that gathered together 33 of the most beautiful websites from around the web. What impressed me the most is that it included two of my personal favorites: Ed Peixoto and Africa Oasis Project.

5. Native American

Native American Design

There are many tribes still in existence within the United States and wider North America that have shared the richness of their culture with the rest of the world. The designs that can be inspired by their elaborate patterns, colors and even folk stories are varied. Of course, there are general patterns used in clothes, blankets or rugs. Tales of animals and spirits can make for some great ideas.

But I personally like some of these wallpapers, which have a more abstract feel to the overall designs. Creating a concept with abstract imagery using Native American inspiration is easy to do. It is usually somewhat less busy looking than Persian or Egyptian patterns, which make it uniquely qualified for web design.

6. Russian

Russian Retro Design

While retro design exists in Russia, when it comes to web design it is usually more interested in creating trendy and modern designs. There is also an incredible level of detail that makes Russian web design an inspiration in itself, apart from any traditional style focus that is common among the other nationalities. For example, this amazing website for Alexarts or this one for this one for Firma.

But if you want to go more old school (and edgy), there is possibly nothing more inspiring than the often bizarre retro posters from the Soviet era of the country’s history. This post gives 100 examples of weird, beautiful propaganda posters that are sure to spark some ideas.

7. Mexican

Mexican Design

While more trendy and youthful web designs are coming out of Mexico lately, much is still influenced by the original patterns from the country. Bright, pleasant and cheerful, it isn’t uncommon to see cartoon-inspired designs as the most frequently used web themes coming out of the region. If you want examples of traditional patterns you can see a number of them here.

You will notice that they are usually elaborate and very bright, which should be enough to spark some ideas alone. But if you are more interested in examples of websites from Mexican graphic designers, some great ones are Oscar Canicero and Tixinda.


Obviously, these are not the only nationality-inspired designs from around the web. Some brilliant examples can be found from any country. But it should give you an idea about how you can build your own designers around both traditional and modern visuals coming out of any region in the world.

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Tom Chu works at PsPrint, a company specializing in online printing. PsPrint offers an array of free tools, for example we have online tools that lets you make your own business cards online.