7 Fabulous Tips & Tricks Daily Sources for Designers & Coders

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OK, there are quite a few tutorial & inspirational blogs around, but sometimes you need more: some daily searchable HUGE databases of tips & tricks, news and articles gathered from around the web to help you when you need some advices or you’re stuck with a project. And believe me, sometimes is better than googling around! Please add your favorite sources in the comments.

The Do’s & Dont’s of Modern Web Design


Snacksized Web Design Tips and Tricks.

Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers

Hacker News


On the front page, by points divided by a power of the time since they were submitted. Comments in comment threads are ranked the same way.



Snipplr is a public source code repository that gives you a place to store and organize all the little pieces of code that you use each day.

Pixel Groovy


Pixel Groovy is a user controlled tutorial directory. We provide the members with the control, not editors, to decide which tutorials are worthy of being published and which tutorials aren’t



Webmonkey is a free, public resource for web developers

Web Design from Scratch


Articles and Tutorials  One of our goals at Scratchmedia is “Everyone’s web site works”. We’re working towards a world where all web sites are pleasant, easy, and appealing to use

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