6 Unique iPhone Application Websites To Inspire You

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For being the height of social technology, a lot of apps are far from impressive when it comes to their launch page. Just think of some of the ugly websites you have seen hosting mobile apps. It is as though the creators have decided that since the program is for a phone instead of directly related to a traditional web browser, they don’t have to bother.

This is an unfortunate outlook, but one that is quite common. Luckily, it is not always the case. There are some app websites that are nothing short of inspiring. From the overall design to the simple graphic choices made, there is no shortage of creative ideas to prompt your own ideas.

Here are a few helpful guides first:

Here are six unique and beautiful iPhone app websites that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Yoritsuki

Feel like taking a breather and relaxing? How about a trip to an authentic Japanese inn, four a full year stay that will take you through the changes of each season? This app is a pretty entertainment program that shows changing seasons, sounds and images based around that premise. One that is further expressed through their simple website design. It is nothing but text with a few images surrounding the theme. Then a screenshot of a phone with the app running. You can also see shots of all the different scenes provided by the app, and the different screens. Everything you need to know is right there on the front page, yet it is still uncluttered and calming.

2. Nota


Learning an instrument, especially the piano, takes a great deal of time. Now you can practice on the go, no matter where you are. All thanks to this interesting little app that holds piano lessons and a full scale instrument for you to use. The website relies on images of the program (which is gorgeous, by the way) to sell the app. There is a full text explanation with bullet points, but it has to be scrolled to see. The first thing you will be presented with are those clear screenshots on different devices. Plus, it uses a light mint color for the background that is unassuming, but less stark than white.

3. Melatonin


This is a fun little app. It replaces your alarm clock with two options. Either it uses a chosen theme with lighting like sunlight and ambient sounds to slowly pull you from sleep over the course of a set amount of time, or it uses a playlist of songs you choose and works in close to the same way. The theme of the website itself is very minimalist. The background is barely different from white, using a very light grayish color. There is a video you can play by clicking on the device, which looks at first glance less like a player and more like a screencap. Then there are a few cartoon animals featured on the app on the page to offer a splash of color. It is definitely as cute as the app itself.

4. Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap

This isn’t actually an app site for a single program. It is trying to sell several, none of which I would suggest purchasing as there are others out there that will offer you the same thing for free. But I like the design, as it is both creative and completely nonsensical. What is with the sushi? Is that because it is supposed to be “tasty bites”? Then what about the feather with eyeballs? Is that supposed to look like a menu? Why is it set partially on wood? What is with the blurring into the black of the background? So many questions, and yet it is really attractive. Proof that a design doesn’t have to make sense to look good.

5. Outside App

Outside App

Never has the weather forecast been so adorable. You have an interactive app here that presents the weather with colorful cartoons. The webpage for it does the same, with a moving header of clouds against a blue sky and a shining sun with revolving rays. The rest is just as bright and happy, with screenshots and animated bullet lists. Plus a video of the app itself, though you need a Quicktime plugin to work it.

6. Hipstamatic


I don’t like this website design as much as their old one. But it is still cute and undeniably hipster. There are moving, hand drawn clouds, a bunch of colors that clash in an ironic sort of way, several different types of font and a picture of a man who looks like Douglas Reynholm from The IT Crowd, right down to the clothes. Then you have the background, which is hard to see. But the off logo stamp once more doesn’t match up to the rest of the images in a perfect way that just screams “I like a band you’ve never heard of”. I am not even sure what this app does, but I probably wouldn’t understand it anyway. Just like I don’t understand F.U.N.

Do you know of any inspiring landing pages for iPhone mobile apps? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tell us what about their design impresses you!

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