6 Photoshop Masters You Should Know

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Anyone can learn how to use Photoshop. There are tutorials, classes and even videos everywhere, from Vimeo to YouTube, waiting to show you how to take advantage of this advanced media tool. However, just because you know how to use the basic tools doesn’t mean you will reach master status.

Few people ever become so good using Photoshop that the results are mind blowing. But those who do will continue to cause others to gape in shock at the complexity and beauty of their work. That is what these six people are sure to cause.

1. Rado Javor (Slovakia)

Rado Javor

Creating incredible futuristic portraits using Photoshop, this artist is really worth watching. Recently, he re-created the Prometheus in four different pieces of work. Everything he creates has a level of detail that is rare and will leave you impressed, especially when it comes to the smaller touches, like leaves on the ground or the shapes of the clouds in the skyline. Even his space pictures have individual, twinkling stars that are realistic.

If you visit his DeviantArt profile, be sure to click on the Gallery tab at the top of the screen for a full catalog of his work. The main gallery on his page is only his recently featured work.

2. Bert Monroy (United States)

Bert Monroy

A digital photorealist who uses Adobe Illustrator and traditional Photoshop to create incredible landscapes, Bert Monroy’s portraits really do look like photos. Dimensionally, he has his shapes down pat, with a depth that you don’t usually see in digital art. Often, it will take more than one glance to realize that it isn’t a photo at all.

The level of detail in the colors and textures is what really makes him stand apart. While most artists focus on separate objects to give the picture realism, he puts his effort into the intricate patterns of what is already there, such as the chips in surfaces, the smooth reflections in glass or the lines and circles in wood.

3. Nik Ainley (United Kingdom)

Nik Ainley

Best known for his amazing typography, Nik Ainley is a successful digital artist and illustrator who is usually found in the fantasy or science-fiction genre. You can’t help but fall in love with his work the moment you see it because of its unique style that is both enigmatic and rich in color.

His lettering is the best part, seeing his complex and well-made typography that has been used professionally a great deal.

4. Neil Duerden (United Kingdom)

Neil Duerden

One of my personal favorites is Neil Duerden’s work, which you’ve probably seen before. He has been featured by many companies, including Sony for the Walkman MP3 player. He has also done work this year for the Nintendo Wii, among many other big names.

But his marketability isn’t what makes me enjoy him so much. It is the cool, visually pleasing nature of his work. Colorful, well made and realistic with an edgy flare, his pictures are fun. Whether they are in a print ad, featured as a website layout or just presented on their own as art, it is impossible not to enjoy them.

5. Joan Charmant (France)

Joan Charmant

Previously an athlete participating in several European competitions as a high jumper, Joan Charmant has since turned his attentions to the art world as a digital illustrator, which, while he did well for himself in the athletic world, was a great choice.

Creative, talented and with next to no academic training to get to where he is today, his work is truly stunning. Not only is he great at superimposing over real images, but he also makes the whole thing come together into a single entity, both photographic and self-made.

6. Joshua M. Smith (United States)

Joshua M. Smith

Also known as Hydro74, Joshua M. Smith is a very marketable artist who has made a name for himself using his comiclike style and T-shirt prints. You have probably seen him before, thanks to his commonly used clothing designs and his work for major companies like Toyota and Hasbro.

If you like edgy, marketable designs, this guy has it all. He is also an illustrator and a typographer, and just his lettering alone is worth checking out.

(The list is couratesy of this web directory that collects those awesome websites and tools)


Photoshop is one of the best creative programs to ever hit the market. With time, effort and education (self-taught or academic), you can become a master yourself, if you have the talent and creativity. Let the six artists above inspire you to give it a shot.

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