6 Best-Designed Real Estate Sites

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Real estate sites might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to web design. After all, they are made for an entirely different purpose…what do they have to do with it? A lot, actually. Mainly, real estate sites can be examples of the very best in highly visual business design. They are often at the forefront of new features, such as the now standard use of 360 degree virtual tours. Plus, they have a unique style that any web designer can learn a lot from.

Here are six of the best designed real estate sites on the web.

1. Philip House NYC

Philip House

This is probably my favorite on the whole list. It manages to be fairly minimalist in many elements, but without getting boring thanks to the large photo that dominates the space. The thickness of the side bar that allows all navigation from the front page looks nice and gives it more dimension than had they used a traditional graph box layout. Plus, other pages also rely on visuals to push their service. It is everything you need, everything you don’t and all wrapped up in a simple, yet elegant, package.

2. VIP Realty Dallas

I love the clean and concise look; the site is very easy to navigate! The featured listing feature is a cool attention grabber. Mind that you can navigate featured listing right inside the home page slider which is cool!

I have always really liked the look of dark red on black, when done right. This is an example of doing it right, with the perfect shades to compliment one another in what is often a difficult combination.

3. Under the Roman Sun

Under The Roman Sun

There is nothing better than a website that gives you an immediate feel for what it is about. Under the Roman Sun uses nothing too cliche, but still manages to give the viewer an sense of Rome through the design itself. The simple logo of the Colosseum is nice without being too on the nose. The colors are poignant, but not too bold. The use of a color similar to burnt sienna rather than a brighter red or orange meshes well with the beige and brown tones of the rest of the background.

4. Cobble Hill Towers

Cobble Hill Tower

This site is so charming. It gives the impression of the nicer aspects of Brooklyn, the kind that you would see in a film. The background is colorful but not overbearing, and the site itself is built around the building. As it says, it is an icon that has since been redone. They show it with simple pictures on a slideshow, with the navigation stacked on top in a more unique way than most. It looks very warm and friendly, with an almost vintage feel.

5. Jade Mills Estates

Jade Mills Estates

A global agency that deals only in high price real estate such as sprawling mansions and big city penthouses, they are very ritzy. Their website reflects that, made up entirely of large photos of gorgeous homes for the rich, with a simple header that holds the navigation. Each one of their properties averages in the millions, so it is no surprise their site is meant to convey glamor.

6. Broadview Homes

Broadview Homes

Modern convenience and sleek city living are apparent on this website for Broadview Homes. They have a background of one of their models, with a scrollable set of text boxes laid over the stationary image. Not the most creative, but I really enjoy the way you can switch to other images, giving you a general tour of one of their houses without changing the text. They also have plenty of information located on the site, finding a good balance between being informative and being stylish.

Have a site you think should go on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • The Philip House NYC is great. It is the best. I like it ;)

  • Michael Marheine

    Great overview – helped a lot! Looking for a residence in America … will find one easy now!

    Thank you!

  • Mike Stevenson

    You guys should have included http://www.reosonoma.net – small local site, but nicely designed :)

  • Emirati

    You should add Allsopp & Allsopp website in your list also, as this real estate agency is awarded as “best Real estate website” by Arabian property awards.