50 Fresh Responsive Websites

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It’s safe to say responsive web design has taken the web design and development industry by storm. The evidence is simply overwhelming with organizations such as Microsoft, Time Magazine and even Barack Obama’s own website jumping on the responsive bandwagon in 2011.

With the steady growth in number of different screen sizes and various devices used to surf the web on the market, responsive websites are likely to trend for at least the near future. Responsive websites bring on a whole new philosophy of design that arguably requires more designing and therefore more inspiration! Here’s our showcase of 50 fresh responsive websites, don’t forget to resize your browser as you check them out!

1. Spigot Design

Spigot Design

2. Illy Issimo

Illy Issimo

3. Less Framework

Less Framework

 4. Alsacreations


5. Andersson Wise Architects

Andersson Wise Architects

6. Jchebly


7. Forgotten Presidents

Forgotten Presidents

8. Regent College

Regent College

9. Halifax Game Jam

Game Jam

10 Jon White

Jon White

 11. Golden Isles, GA

Golden Isles GA


12. Oxide Interactive

oxide interactive

13. Food Sense

Food Sense


14. Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors


15. The Modern Gentlemen

The Modern Gentlemen

16. Preeti Cakes

Preeti Cakes


17. Always Creative

Always Creative


18. Webdagene



19. Editorial

editorial template


20. Daniel Vane

daniel vane


21. Sphero



22. Love & Luxe

Love & Luxe


23. Holidays Apart

Holidays Apart


24. Stuff & Nonsense

Stuff & Nonsense


25. Cantina Dorigati

Cantina Dorigati


26. Orbital Developments

orbital developments


27. Architectural Engineering

architectural engineering


28. Hundredth Monkey PR

hundredth monkey


29. Center for Investigative Reporting

Center for Investigative Reporting


30. Dusty Cartridge

dusty cartridge


31. We Can’t Stop Thinking

we can't stop thinking


32. Performance Marketing Awards

performance marketing awards


33. Big Youth

Big Youth


34. ChoiceResponse



35. Red Bull Music Academy

red bull music academy


36. Simon Collison

Simon Collison


37. Sasquatch! Music Festival

sasquatch music festival


38. Arrrrcamp Conference

Arrrrcamp Conf


39. Clean Air Commute Challenge

Clean Air Commute


40. Earth Hour

earth hour


41. Palantir



42. Pelicanfly



43. Sweet Hat Club

sweet hat club


44. Launch Kit

launch kit


45. Mike Anderson

mike anderson

46. Nordic Ruby Conference

nordic ruby conf


47. El Sendero ded Cacao



48. Ben Handzo Photography

Ben Handzo


49. 3200 Tigres

3200 tigres


50. More Hazards More Heroes

more hazards more heroes

Fresh ideas for web designs can be hard to come by, be sure to also check out some of our previous inspirational posts like 40 Inspirational About Pages or 50 Fresh and Inspirational Fashion Websites! What did you think of this showcase? Did we leave out one of your favourite responsive websites?

Josh Chan is a digital specialist at Chromatix web design in Melbourne, Australia. He digs awesome design, innovation on the web and does some break-dancing on the side. Follow him on Twitter @j0ssh or Google+.