5 Unique Websites to Get Inspired

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Watching the news is a depressing task these days. Reading it online is even worst. Story after story of horror and misery assault you from all sides, further sensationalized by a culture where 24-hour coverage is used as morbid entertainment. It is enough to put anyone in a foul mood and make you feel like the world is a terrible place.

But there is help for that mentality. Plenty of wonderful things happen in life, and plenty of wonderful people are responsible. From stories of acts of kindness to your own personal quest to provide something for your fellow man, there are places online to counteract the effects of downtrodden reporting.

These five websites are great to go to if you want to be inspired, and to see the better side of humanity.

1. Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Life is full of strangers performing kind acts for their fellow man. From organizations offering assistance to at risk youth, to a neighbor going above and beyond to help the person next door, you can find examples on this site. Read stories of random acts of kindness, share your own and get involved with efforts on both a local and international level. There is even a section with kindness ideas that you can incorporate into your own life.

2. Storytellers For Good

Storytellers For Good

Not all journalists are there to provide doom and gloom. This is a website dedicated to those who use their skills in both storytelling and photography to inspire change on a large scale and show others how they can help to change the world. Emmy winning writer and reporter Cara Jones founded the site, and runs it alongside Jasper Blake, Bow Jones, Theodore Allen, Erica Hintergardt and Doug Logan. All are dedicated to their cause, and their stories will warm your heart.

3. Wish Upon a Hero

Wish Upon a Hero

Do you want to get involved in helping someone in need? Maybe you are in need of a hero in your own life. Either way, this is where to find it. This is the largest help centered social network on the web. Find people with wishes they need fulfilled, post your own or read about how others have been helped through the site. The kindness here is truly staggering, and sure to put a smile on your face.

4. Gives Me Hope

Gives Me Hope

Sometimes you hear a story that just gives you hope for Earth and those who live on the planet. This is a wonderful place where they gather those stories to share with others in need of a morale boost. An example of a story is a little boy who was dying of brain cancer and needed surgery. But his family couldn’t afford it. His 8-year-old sister went to the pharmacy with her piggy bank and asked the pharmacist for a miracle. She got one. A neurosurgeon was shopping at the pharmacy at the time and witnessed the event. He performed the surgery for free and saved the little boy’s life.



The name of this site is “My Life is Average”, but the stories are anything but. It follows by the FML format, and people post anonymous stories about their day to day lives. Many of the stories are inspiring, many are funny and all are worth a read.


We can all use a pick me up on occasion. The best way to feel lighter in both heart and spirit is to witness the kindness and generosity of others, or to provide a bit of hope for someone else. The sites above provide that chance, and will be sure to brighten your day and inspire you to make a difference.

Do you know of any inspiring websites? Let us know in the comments.

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