5 tips for web designers to improve their content quality

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While a web designer isn’t half as concerned of writing content as a content marketing specialist would be, it’s still a crucial part of your own marketing strategy, and if you’re looking to market yourself as someone who knows his craft, learning to write quality content is going to be one of the skills to pick up.

In the age of infographics, analytical data, video and imagery content, it’s very difficult to keep up, but sometimes it’s not necessary to make something more difficult than it really is, producing good quality content can be as easy as producing bad quality content.

You might think that your part of the bargain is the concept / context of the tutorial, guide or article you’re writing, but in reality – most of it is up to you, and if you’re not willing to put some effort towards creating something worthwhile reading, someone else will. That’s a fact.

How to improve your content creation craft? Why not consider the following five tips.

1. Original Content

Oh, really? Tell me something I don’t know!

You’d be surprised, how often I come across designers and developers who’re overlooking the simple essence of creating original content, while it’s okay to take different pieces from other authors, it’s just as important to give them the right credit – at this point you’ve got to forget about passing link juice, you’re literally putting your reputation at stake.

Steal an idea, but make sure you’re adding enough of your own flavor, to make it unique and original.

2. Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Lack of confidence, knowledge or other personal issues that might be stopping you from achieving your true potential? I suggest to try faking it, at least in moderate amounts, to see the difference in the content you’re producing. I’m using common sense here, and don’t expect every article you read online to be written by a fully educated person, who holds a PhD in the given category.

To put it in other words, why not try acting like you’re fully confident in your subject, and the content you’re writing? It will certainly give you the professional edge / credibility you need, and after a while it becomes a part of you. Take this advice for anything in life, it does work.

Just make sure it all makes sense, that’s the crucial bit.

3. Spelling Mistakes are Okay; Just not for Potential Business Deals

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of new web designers and developers entering the market, companies and business owners will be analyzing you, and your work – to find any possible mistakes, errors and other stupid things to question you about, either to squeeze a bargain from you, or simply to put you on the list of people to never get in touch with again.

4. Write About Relevant and Fresh Topics

Nobody is going to be reading stuff that’s more than a year old, this is the one issue I am seeing and experience all the time, designers and developers try to get away with producing content that’s literally irrelevant, and only serves as a way of promoting their brand / name trough search engines.

I recommend building content that’s new and relevant – even if it means spending twice as much time on it – and then publishing it trough the biggest social media outlets that there are, you’ll see a difference in the quality of traffic you receive, instantly.

5. You’re a Designer; That’s Your Advantage

I began the post by saying – that the way we perceive, read and interact with content online is changing, and people do like to learn about things trough visual content, it makes it easier to just skip trough the bits and pieces, and see the whole idea for what it is.

As a web designer, you can easily build pieces of visual content to project your ideas and tutorials, and it can potentially be the best time investment you’re ever going to make, not only because it guarantees increased number of social shares, but also because you’re able to showcase your own set of skills. Think about that.

Improving the Quality of Your Written Content

We’ve all got to start somewhere, and the best way of learning about new things is by doing them, it’s a piece of advice that becomes clear only after you do something deliberately, and see the increase in positive outcomes / results appearing.

Are you a web designer? Whats your strategy for writing good and engaging content?

Alex loves to write about business, productivity and web development. He is the owner of CodeCondo, and you can engage with him on Twitter or Google+.

  • orange county web designer

    Good tips. A website is a tool for information, make it simple and easy for people to find the info that they need. Thanks for these great tips.

  • My favorite is tip #1. I think there are so much articles online that researching other articles before writing helps come up with more insight into the topic and better chance of coming with original copies, specially if part of the subject is not covered by other articles. And spell check is a must.. With so much tools such as chrome spell check there is no real excuse of missing.