5 Green-Inspired Instructographics

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The idea of compressing visual and written information into a single package has been well-realized with the art of the modern infographic, that wonderful combination of elements that help to quickly educate the world at large on any number of topics; next up is the instructographic! Combining textual content with educational imagery intended to stay on your mind and making itself available when you need it, the instructographic is your key to learning about any relatively simple topic.

Combine a love for visual learning with a passion for all things environmentally-friendly with these five green-inspired instructographics:

1. 12 Clever Mason Jar Uses

12 Clever Mason Jar Uses

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Mason jars have played an active role in preserving delicious foods and treats for more than 100 years and the trend shows no sign up stopping where these handy reusable containers are concerned! This instructographic takes a look at 12 tasty uses for your old, unused mason jars, helping you to store everything from garden salad to to chilli.

The addition of a few fancy decorations also makes this instructographic great for figuring out your next beautiful homemade gift!

2. How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds

How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds

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Whether you’re working with a small balcony in an urban setting or a large yard outside of the downtown core, utilizing raised beds in your gardening efforts can help you to enjoy a cleaner, easier-to-maintain garden space than you’ve ever imagined!

This green instructographic takes you step-by-step through the process of building and installing your very own raised garden beds, outlining first why you need them before moving onto a nicely-arranged 10 step regimen to get them in place in your garden.

3. DIY Garden Pom Pom Vines

DIY Garden Pom Pom Vines

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Outdoor accessories for your yard and garden can be very expensive, not to mention often out-of-place and obtrusive, making the idea of decorating your premises with your own sense of style that much more appealing. This instructographic teaches you how to create beautiful pom pom vines that will fit nicely into any garden, accentuating the natural landscape while using nothing but household goods in their creation.

Save money and materials while making your garden more subtly beautiful than ever before, choosing colors and style as you go!

4. DIY Creative Cleaning Ideas

DIY Creative Cleaning Ideas

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Are you tired of shelling out your money for strong chemicals that promise to tackle the hardest to clean areas of your home, only to be disappointed in everything from the price tag to the result? Save your money and avoid dispersing unnecessary chemicals into your local environment by facing your next mess with homemade cleaners!

This instructographic walks you through the process of creating several custom cleaners, each aimed at a particular mess that most of us have likely encountered once or twice, including ink stains and neglected ovens. While a bit of practice may be needed to find the right solutions for your family’s messes, perseverance in creating your own cleaners at home is sure to go easier on your wallet – and your nose!

5. DIY Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Garden

Full infographic via F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.

Whether you’re short on garden space or simply want to utilize walls and fences in your growing efforts, this cool instructographic showcases the steps necessary to create beautiful vertical gardens that can be easily installed on almost any surface! Beginning with a supply list and finishing with installation notes, this graphic is all of the instruction you’ll need when it comes to adorning your outdoor walls when lush, green life.

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