5 Gorgeous UI Web Kits

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This is a guest post by Gijsbert Koren – graphic designer & founder at Mooze Design. They design mobile applications, websites and visual identities.

Every webdesigner needs them – wireframes. A famous wireframe tool is Balsamiq Mockups. It takes just a few minutes to drag and drop the ready made elements and create the wireframe of a website. While Balsamiq Mockups is a very useful tool, the wireframes are very rough and some clients need a bit more detail and elegance to be convinced. This is where UI Web Kits for Photoshop become very useful. Just like with Balsamiq, you can drag and drop ready made elements and create your wireframe in minutes. Because the great level of detail, you will of course take a few more minutes to get those details right.

An overview of 5 Gorgious UI Web Kits for Photoshop:

1. All in One Web Elements Kit

These bold design elements are very useful for clear communication. The PSD file is well organised, making drap and drop easy as 1,2,3.

2. Sketching and Wireframing kit

This easy going set of elemts can be used to sketch and wireframe websites. The kit is also available in other formats.

3. Massive Web UI & Button Set

A large set of simple buttons in different styles. Check out the PSD file to find out!

4. 165 Vector icons

Just start and love this very nice icon set.

5. Web UI Treasure Chest

And to finish it off, some slick buttons, stickers and more in this treasure chest!

All these kits together, are the perfect start for a gorgeous wireframe. And last but not least, we also made a kit, which is of course free to use:

We’d love to hear your feedback on our kit!

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Gijsbert Koren is a graphic designer at Mooze Design. Mooze Design is founded by Gijsbert (The Netherlands) and Shyam Soni (India). They design mobile applications, websites and visual identities.