5 Essential Icon Sets for iPhone Applications

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This is a guest post by Gijsbert Koren – graphic designer & founder at Mooze Design. They design mobile applications, websites and visual identities.

When you are designing an iPhone app and for what ever reason, you are not able or going to design your own tab bar icons, try these free icon sets to make your app look good! It’s for free, legal and some of them look incredible!

1. Glyphish

Most of you will know the Glyphish icon set by Joseph Wain. The set is really broad and balanced. Joseph used crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance the development of the icons and part of them are available for free and if you want retina sized icons, you can have them all for just $25!

2. PixelPress Icons

PixelPress has made a very beautiful set of 51 icons. The icons have a bit more detail than the Glyphish icons.

3. Default Icon

A back to basics set is available from Default Icon. The set contains 173 icons and they are all for free!

4. iPhone Toolbar Icons

The Working Group has made a nice set of 160 icons. The icons are very useful for classic utility apps.

5. App-bits tab bar icons

A small set of 64 bold icons.

Next to these iPhone icon sets, there are of course a lot of icon sets designed for other purposes that can be tweaked for use on iPhone.

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Gijsbert Koren is a graphic designer at Mooze Design. Mooze Design is founded by Gijsbert (The Netherlands) and Shyam Soni (India). They design mobile applications, websites and visual identities.