5 Beautiful Email Landing Pages

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Email campaigns are a cost effective way of marketing your business to your correct and relevant demographic, keeping people up to date with special offers, sales, product information and prices. However, your email campaign will only ever be as successful as your landing page allows. When people follow the link within the email they need to arrive at a page which is concise, and immediately relevant to the email you have just sent them.

Careful management of your campaign is essential so plan your campaign from start to finish. Have you considered what email addresses your mail shots will come from? You can increase the odds of generating your target number of leads by buying a professional e-mail address. Once you’ve linked up your email addresses to your preferred email client, make sure you have organised designated area for your generated leads to go, for example, you can take advantage of Gmail’s filter feature and the tagging system for this.

Tips to remember with your campaign include providing accurate information. If your email advertises a sale or aims to push sales on a particular product then your landing page needs to enable your reader to purchase within a few clicks.

How you arrange this information will have a profound impact on the amount of business the campaign generates and here are a few examples of companies which have created beautiful landing pages you just can’t resist:

1. Tips & Trip


A travel site with a difference, whatever draws you to this landing page you’ll be hard pressed to resist its charms. Tips & Trip is an app designed to help individuals share their experiences of travel, proving an invaluable resource for those planning a break away from home.

The app’s landing page is minimalistic in design, with an image of a map of the world dominating the screen. This is combined with well labelled site navigation and action buttons which allow users to sign up for the service quickly and easily – what more could you want?

2. Amazon


Amazon regularly emails their users product recommendations-which they get a lot of stick for but let’s take a moment to appreciate the user friendly landing page they designed. Their recommendations might or might not be accurate but the main purpose is to get you to visit their site. Upon arriving on the landing page you are one step closer to making a purchase with recommended offers well presented and easy navigation connecting you to other pages on the site.

3. Smartr


A site offering smart designs for smartphones, Smartr’s landing page is the perfect example of simple and easy to digest content. A lot of the content is visual, helping to engage customers who follow links to the page, and a simple interplay of soft colours makes the page a pleasure to read.

4. Books on Board


Books On Board sell on-line books, their email marketing campaign promises up to 65% off of titles bought via the iTunes application amongst other things. Clicking on the link takes you straight to the Apple page where details and instructions on how to download the application are provided. The page is clearly laid out, delivering everything the email promised.

5. Beautiful eBay Store Pages


Once you have made purchases through eBay, they tailor their email campaign to target items you have viewed and purchased. Clicking on a link from one of their emails about new products or listings will take you straight to the specific eBay page. An email informing you of ‘zero insertion fees’ takes you to the seller’s page explaining the details of the offer – a simple yet effective method of improving business.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

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