45 Inspiring Illustrations From 15 Amazing Artists

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From zombies to fairies and mythical creatures, I’m hoping to take you on a fantastic journey into the genius minds of these established artists. You can find them roaming around Shadowness, the dark side of art communities where they take time from their busy schedule to share their exceptional work and thrive on constructive criticism. Be wary, they might also poke you back.


Allison Theus

Morten Bak

Adrien ANDRE



Olga Dabrowska


Enrique Plazola

Alan Brooks

Liv Hathaway

Egil Paulsen

Pedro Henrique Ribeiro

I run a graphic design/art community called Shadowness. It’s a tight-knit community for art enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals via social features.

  • Martin

    Fantastic stuff, Shadowness has a bunch of great artists!

  • Aki

    Shadowness the best :)

  • Joknied

    Best of the web artists !! greatt

  • Debbie Aka Booters

    Thanks for adding my art here:) You guys have been great too me!

  • Vicki Payne

    Imagine what good they could bring the world if they used their gifts differently!