40 Construction Logos That Convey Strength & Durability

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Construction firms have special needs when it comes to branding: not only do they need to effectively show that they are builders ready for the next job, but they also need to stand out among the masses of hammers and hard hats that are the go-to imagery for construction logos. There’s a difficult balance to strike between the bold strength required to portray a sense of lasting reliability and the elegance of a well-constructed logo. Construction company logos can’t use colors that are too muted or lines that are too thin and soft for fear of creating the subconscious perception that the company’s workmanship isn’t solid.

With the resurgence in popularity of condensed gothics — such as League Gothic — and strong colors like bright orange, now is a great time to try your hand at producing a construction company logo that meets the criteria. Here’s some inspiration.

Brink Construction, by Jeff Buchanan

Rino Excavating, by Mike Bruner

Greystone Construction, by Matt Rossi

Bueti Development, by Jeffery Devey

Shebzo, by Andrej Matic

Taylor Home Rehab, by Blake Rice

North Renvoation Construction, by Meghan Robichaud

Timber Ridge Overhead Door, by Ryan Dowling

E. Nikolidakis & Partners Constructions, by Manos Kalaitzoglou

Courtney Construction, by Carlos Fernandez

Daemar Construction, by Josiah Jost

Todd Construction, by Kris Todd

Blue Oak, by Mike Bruner

Sexton Equipment, by cgpaeth

Panelit Mid-rise Building Science, by Graham Smith

Jackson Construction, by Seth Nickerson

Gilford and Son Roofing, by Blake McDivitt

5R Construction, by Mike Bruner

New Holland construction, by Jess Brown

Hinckley Construction, by Justin Klye

Home Art Building Group Ltd, by Deividas Bielskis

Wildstone Construction, by James Scott

Parkview Pre-cast, by James Waldner

Vantile, by James Waldner

M2 Construction, by rkramer

Project X Construction, by koreck

Vinco Construction, by Dominic Jones

Blueprint JL, by Juilen Lavallee

Cattor by Higher

Delfex Consrution, by Jan Zabransky

Logomark Construction, by Nasos Kouroupis

Gates Construction Company, by Webstation

Alianza Constructora, by Camilorendon

HEMROC, by nmadera

Machisa Construction, by Mapack

Blanco’s Construction, by Michael Spitz

Constructive Ideas, by smashuri

Jilmares Construction, by nsu

Smart Construction, by Dado

Dollar Building, by andrendhiq


Despite the specific constraints designers are faced with when working with the construction industry, there are many ways to convey strength and durability, and many ways to balance it with other brand-specific values like elegance and luxury, speed, price or niche — as demonstrated by the diversity of the examples above.

Got your own favorite construction logos? Let us know about it and the designer who created it in the comments.

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  • There are some clever design solutions. I like the Blanco’s, Shebzo and 5R Construction logos. Great implementation of typography and logotype synergy.

  • David

    It’s good to see this collection of logos. They are unique and distinct in their own way. I’m currently developing two concepts. You can view one here http://db.tt/fr0GF3R and the other here http://db.tt/zQDB5aV The client is undecided so we’re working through a positioning sratement to narrow down further. Thanks for the post!

  • Matthew

    Cornell Constructions logo is pretty cool too.


    If you tilt the logo sideways, you can see each C has a home shape outline.


    • yes you’re right – that’s amazing

  • great collection man! they are really awesome.

  • Sandra

    Some of these logos are fantastic! Others, I could see having issues with prints and decoration. I’m more a clothing decorator that fell into having to do graphic design, rather than a graphic designer who submits artwork for decoration. So I see this problem every day. When you have too many elements, colours or size differences in the elements of your design, it makes it very difficult for imprinting and branding products. Think about embroidery. It doesn’t submit well to very small/fine lettering, or shading. Now take that same logo and print it on pens. It can’t be too tall, and more colours means it will cost more money for your client, every time they buy promotional products. The best and most recognizable brands in the world keep their logos very simple for that reason, then its cheap to paste it on EVERYTHING. Keep the design elements very simple, so it can be printed very small, but should they decide to wrap a city bus with their company logo, you can go wild with colour and textures.

  • Love all the designs. I would like to recommend http://heavylogos.com/flying-house-constructions

  • D Isaac

    Great design examples, some really stand out well. There are some more over at http://oviah.com/construction-39-c.asp which also convey strength and uniqueness.

  • Danielleporter,
    Really awesome article to read about 40 inspirational construction logo. All logos are well designed which convey the message about construction companies. From these, Brink Construction logo is a powerful logo that packs in a hidden meaning to be charmed onlookers. The Brink logo is a creative design and features the images of a screw and a pencil in order to represent the construction company.