4 Ways Nature Can Give You Lots of Web Design Ideas

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When it comes to finding novel and unique ideas for web design, it can be easy to get into a rut. So much has been done, so many sources of inspiration exploited, that it sometimes seems that there’s simply nothing new under the sun, leaving you to build what little you can upon the design ideas of others.

Thankfully, there’s a whole universe full of inspiration out there for you to grab!

The world around us, and the vast space that our tiny planet floats along in, is a wonderful source of ideas when it comes to most any endeavor, and web design is no exception. Head on outside for a moment and check out these four ways that nature can give you lots of web design ideas:

1. Ratios: Snail Shells and Pine Cones

4 Ways Nature Can Give You Lots of Web Design Ideas

One of the biggest hurdles to jump as a web designer is deciding how to lay out a given page, making it both highly readable and very usable for your visitors. Sure, you can go with the same old header/body/sidebar/footer combination that the web is absolutely full of these days, but where’s the fun in that? If you’d like to take things in a different direction that still promises to please the human eye, look no further than the many ratios to be found in nature, including the most universally important ratio of all: phi, the golden ratio.

Snail shells and pine cones are both great examples of the neat separation and extreme organization to be found in nature, and they are only two of the many millions of aspects of organization in nature. When it comes to breaking down your web design into the many information and media holding compartments that any modern website requires, turn an eye to the way that evolution achieves the same in the natural world in order to get an idea for what is most pleasing to the human eye and brain.

2. Color: Rainbows and Flora

4 Ways Nature Can Give You Lots of Web Design Ideas

Technology makers like Apple may be able to offer us millions of different colors on a digital display, but those colors take their roots in those to be found all around us, from a beautiful rainbow to the astounding array of colorful flora to be found around the world; it may be an LCD screen that you need to take advantage of, but you’ll be doing it with nature’s own form of decoration!

The colors available to be seen in the forest, the ocean, and even among the stars allow us to instantly note what colors mix and merge in a way that pleases the eye, giving you the ability to use those same hues to give your web design a beautiful edge. Whether you base your work on the color scheme found in your favorite flower, or use the information you gather from a variety of natural sources in order to determine what looks best where, turn to the natural world the next time you need a colorful idea! Flowers24hours.co.uk is a good source of inspiration for various loral combinations.

3. Inspiration: Wildlife

Inspiration in Design

There are more than 10 million species of plants and animals estimated to live on Earth, and that wildlife itself can serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for any aspect of your web design efforts! Where and how you draw from living things in your work is up to you; between your own uniqueness and the sheer number of sources, the possibilities are endless.

4. Motivation: The Changing Seasons

4 Ways Nature Can Give You Lots of Web Design Ideas

Just as winter turns to spring, spring to summer, and so on, your web design endeavors need to continually change in order to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of clients and web surfers, and paying attention to the way that nature itself changes over time is a great way to keep that point entrenched in your mind.

No matter how you approach the natural world, you can be sure that there is inspiration at every turn, with every look, helping you to build the most reader-friendly websites possible!

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