4 Reasons Why Czar Might Prove To Be The King Of WordPress Themes

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Kickstarter recently has been a really exciting place for WordPress developers and enthusiasts due to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a WordPress theme called “Czar” – View The Kickstarter Campaign. Czar has some exclusive offerings for the business owners and the developers and these 4 reasons might actually make Czar the King Of WordPress Themes.

The Inbuilt Customer Support Desk “Zootash”

Even if you have a handful of visitors filling in the contact form on your website, you will agree, that it becomes a pain to manage and keep a track of the emails that come in your inbox. Czar tries to solve this problem through a built-in customer support desk and they call it “Zootash”. Zootash creates a support ticket for every contact form filled in by the visitors on the website. These tickets can then be categorised and assigned to different departments depending on the department for which the contact form was filled in by the visitor. There are already big players like Zendesk who offer customer support solutions, but they are quite expensive and invite a monthly subscription per user. It would be interesting to see Zootash being offered for free with Czar.

“Czar In A Box”, A Unique Offering

“Czar In A Box” is really an out of the box concept. If you need to unleash the full potential of Czar then you must purchase the version of Czar that comes with this box. The people behind Czar have tried to intuitively solve a problem which a lot of designers and developers face while developing a website using a WordPress theme, and that is, creating unique designs with the same theme. The box contains Design Boards each for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile which, along with the Magic Elements (all UI elements which are magnetic in nature and attract to design boards) can be used to create wireframes for pages that can be built with Czar. There are a lot of other goodies in the box which would be of use to a designer and are aimed to ensure that Czar becomes a part of the development process and makes the entire process a bit convenient for the developer.

9 Exclusive Plugins Crafted To Work With Czar

Czar comes with 9 Exclusive plugins that are crafted to work seamlessly with it. These 9 plugins offer functionality for which otherwise you would usually need to buy additional plugins or would need a WordPress developer to develop the functionality for you. The choice of plugins made by the team behind Czar is good because these plugins fit into a much wider spectrum and provide functionality which is needed by most of the WordPress based websites. For instance, the “Advance Pop-Ups” plugin enables you to create conditional pop-ups based on user behaviour. Pop-ups are needed by most websites to entice visitors to sign up for a newsletter or the like. Just like this one there are other 8 plugins which aim at solving specific purpose.

Modular Approach Towards Design

Many themes adopt a composition based approach towards design wherein they try to sell a composition and the buyers select the theme based on the design of the theme. But Czar has adopted a different approach to design. Czar relies on various elements that are a part of the theme and aims to build various compositions based on these elements. This approach of relying on various design elements that are a part of the theme makes it very modular in nature and gives birth to infinite possibilities. However, Czar is not the only theme which is trying to do this. There are many other themes which adopt a modular approach towards design but, still this is an important aspect of Czar and would definitely add a point or two in its favour.


Digging deep into the kickstarter campaign for this WordPress theme makes us draw these four reasons that certainly advocate it to be a King Of All WordPress Themes. Its built-in customer support desk – Zootash and the outstanding concept of ‘Czar In A Box’ make this WordPress theme unique. All in all, Being An Easy And Affordable One For The Business Owners And Powerful One For The Developers,

Czar Might Be The One That Could Outplay The Existing WordPress Themes In The Times To Come


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