30 tools to have in mind before starting a new project

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Hi there. Web developers need to be constantly aware of what’s coming next, and in order to give you a hand with your next site’s appearance or extra features, this list contains 30 great quality resources that have been released recently. Hope you’ll find at least a few tools you need inside this list. Feel free to leave links to other resources in the comments.

Pgwmenu: Responsive Menu for jQuery


Tutorial: Angularjs for Absolute Beginners

Angularjs for Absolute Beginners

Custom Select Elements: an Inspiration Article

Custom Select Elements

Breach: a Browser Made Entirely in JavaScript


Intelijen: Flat Bootstrap Template


Flexible.Gs: Flexible Grid System


Notification Styles Inspiration: Article for Website Notifications

Notification Styles Inspiration

Aticle – Responsive Images: Use Cases and Documented Code Snippets to Get You Started

 Responsive Images: Use Cases and Documented Code Snippets to Get You Started

Smoothstate.Js: a jQuery Plugin to Stop the Jankiness of Page Loads


Frontenda: Bootstrap Powered Online Template Builder


Engaged Social Menu: Simple Social Menu Plugin with Elegant Animations

Engaged Social Menu

Vide: Easy Background Video Plugin

Vide plugin

Animated Login Template: HTML5 Flat Login Form

Animated Login Template

Jquery.Positionsticky: Sticky Positioning Polyfill for jQuery


Animated Tagline Switcher: Download and Demo Experiment

Animated Tagline Switcher

JsPDF: Client Side Tool for Generating PDFs


Smoove: Gorgeous CSS3 Scroll Effects


jQuery Slider Shock: a Slider with Tons of Options

Jquery Slider Shock

Multi-column-select: jQuery/CSS Multi Column Select Box


Tutorial: Finding/Fixing Unintended Body Overflow

Finding/fixing Unintended Body Overflow

URL: PHP Library for URL Manipulation

URL: PHP Library for URL Manipulation

jQuery Slideout Menu: Kickdrop Tutorial for an Animated Menu

Jquery Slideout Menu

Article: Benefits and Challenges of Ruby on Rails

Benefits and Challenges of Ruby on Rails

Fingerprintsjs: a Library for Fast and Anonymous Browser Tracking


Prezento: jQuery Plugin to Showcase Your Web Designs


Smart Fixed Navigation: Demo and Tutorial

Smart Fixed Navigation

Prettysocial: Custom Share Buttons for Social Networks


Closing Door Menu: Demo and Tutorial for an Animated Closing Menu

Closing Door Menu

Animated Presentation: Code Experiment Ideal for Banners

Animated Presentation

Code Avengers: Online School to Learn to Code Sites, Apps and Games

Code Avengers

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