30 new tools for designers and developers

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We’ve selected 30 useful new resources for designers and developers, including plugins, libraries and articles for you guys to play with and be inspired. Let us know if we missed anything.

Menu Transition: Elegant Effect for Sidebar Menus

Menu transition effect

Socket.Io: Fast Real Time Engine


JSCapture: Desktop Screenshots with Javascript


Instajam: Javascript Wrapper for the Instagram API


Inline Anchor Styles: Creative and Modern Styles for Anchors

inline Anchor styles

Html5 Video: Video Overlay Snippet for Creative sites

HTML5 video

Opal: a Ruby to JS Compiler


Intl-tel-input: jQuery Plugin for Entering International Phone Numbers


Skrollr Sticker Peel: a Pure CSS Elegant Scrolling Effect

Skrollr sticker peel

Motorcortex.Js: Easy Web Animations Library


Responsive Header Navigation: Sticky Header Navigation Snippet

Responsive header navigation

Supervisor: Client/Server System to Control Processes in Unix


Crossfade.Js: a Plugin to Crossfade Images as You Scroll


Compact Drop Down Menus: Multilevel Stacked Menu

Compact drop down menus

Fort.Js: Modern Progress Bars for Form Completion


jQuery Flexselect: a jQuery Plugin for Flexible Select Boxes

jquery flexselect

Animating Images with CSS Keyframes: Article for Creating Parallax Effects

Animating Images with CSS Keyframes

jQuery.Eraser: Plugin That Makes an Image Erasable


Pulsing Loader: a Nice Code Experiment in Pure CSS

Pulsing loader

Bootstrapthemeswitcher: jQuery Plugin to Dinamically Load Themes from Bootswatch


Page Loading Effects: Modern Transitions’ Tutorial and Freebie

Page Loading effects

12 Little Known CSS Facts Article

12 little known CSS facts

Bootstrap Star Rating: jQuery Rating Plugin with Fractional Support

boostrap star rating

Aligning Type to Baseline the Right Way Using SASS Article

Aligning Type to Baseline the Right Way Using Sass

CSS Shapes 101: Article for Creating all Sorts of Coded Shapes

CSS shapes 101

Hue-rotate Animation: Pure CSS Animation

Hue rotation animation

Picturefill: Responsive Image Polyfill


Nexus Menu: an Experiment of the Nexus Menu as a Module

Nexus menu

Live Reference: a Tool for Aticles and Books to Make Easy Citations

Live reference

CSS Switchboard: an Interesting Interactive Code Experiment

CSS switchboard

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