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It’s been a while since the whole ‘good/bad infographics’ discussion started. The use of this powerful communication tool for SEO has practically created a new market  for design agencies and freelancers, with many companies ‘trying out’ an infographic as a way of bringing visitors to their sites. And, like in every other market, there’s the good, the average, and the bad.

Critics of this model have outlined their disagreement in articles, social networks and, of course, trough infographics. On the other hand, we’ve seen some agencies defending their work, and the benefits of the use of infographics as part of the digital marketing strategy, in a graphic way as well.

Straight from our archives, and celebrating the launch of the new Visual Loop, we present you with some of infographics about infographics, covering both sides of the discussion. Some are ironic, funny or sarcastic, while others try to educate on the proper ways of using this form of  communication.

And let the discussion proceed!

What Is An Infographic?  | Via

What is data visualization? by Audree Lapierre | Via

The Life Cycle of An Infographic | Via

Optimization and Promotion of Infographics | Via

What Makes A Good Infographic? An Infographic on Creating Infographics | Via

One difference between statistical graphics and infoviz is the return on effort | Via

The Infographic Designer Formula, by Posgrado de Periodismo Digital (Spain) |Via

The Power of Infographics | Via

How to Build Links Using Infographics | Via

Infographic Infographic | Via

Infographic of Infographics | Via

Infographics – the Bad side

The most popular infographics | Via

Infographic of Infographics |Via

The Truth About Infographics | Via

Infographs are Ruining the Internet | Via

Infographics are the new LOLCat | Via

The Infographic Infographic | Via

The Epidemic Of Bad Infographics | Via

Evil Effects Of Bad Infographics | Via

How Digg Got Pwned By Infographics | Via

How to deal with this infographic? By Elwin van den Hazel | Via

Correlation or Causation? | Via

Data Cake | Via

In Honor of Infographics | Via

A Humorous Look at Infographics | Via

The Power Of Infographics | Via

The Insipid World of Infographics, by Willy Brand | Via

An Infographic About… Infographics | Via

If you want to learn more about the field of data-visualization, here’s a couple of resources worth checking:

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If you have any comments, feel free to share them, this is a topic we are quite interested about, here on Inspired Magazine, and we’d love to get your thoughts! I wouldn’t be surprised if  we bring this again soon.

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