Filmspiration – 30 Fantastic Websites For Your Daily Video Inspiration

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We have covered a few areas of visual inspiration in the last few weeks, but now is the moment to unleash the great motion inspirational power. Under these lines you have a small treasure that you should discover, steal the best links and share it with your buddies, Somali pirate style. As usual, we are updating the list with your tips so leave them in the comment section.




Motionographer seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students.

Motion Served


Motion Graphics Served brings you a steady supply of top quality creative work. To deliver this work to you, we comb through projects from the portfolios of the most talented creative people and teams around the world.



Motionspire is a motion graphics inspiration gallery. Much like the popular CSS gallery format, Motionspire showcases great motion graphics design work to get designers of all disciplines inspired.

The Ad Feed


We sift through hundreds of pieces of creative on just as many sites each day, and hand-pick the top pieces to share with our readers around the globe.

Ads of the World




World’s biggest advertising archive which numbers over 2 millions ads. We got unique selection of the most creative ideas in advertising that definitely deserve public attention.

xplsv TV


A digital database and inspirational resource focused in motion graphics, animations, demoscene, vfx, live visuals and any kind of cgi videos you can imagine.


No Fat Clips


One of the biggest archives of short movies, animations & art projects. A must daily read!



Nizmlab is a video sharing site managed by video editors. We categorize and rank the newest and most interesting internet videos of the moment.

Milk and Cookies


An archive of memes for disturbing geeks about sex machines, pop culture, humor cults, joke news, open source stuff, security, technology, sarcasm and toilet humor.

Videos Antville



videogum is the companion site to Stereogum. While Stereogum is devoted exclusively to music, Videogum offers commentary on TV, movies, and trampoline accidents.

MTV Music


Better later than never. MTV made a very nice surprise last year with this huge database of music videos.


Elbows is a collection of great music videos from blog posts and is meant to provide you a snapshot of what’s going on in this new genre of video blogging.




Current is the only 24/7 cable and satellite television network and Internet site produced and programmed in collaboration with its audience.



A new media platform showcasing exclusive underground content from artists across the world.

Upl8 TV


A never-ending stream of absurdities, just for you. And when you’re done perusing our curated collection – feel free to search @


Viral Video Chart


We scan several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most. We count the number of times each video is linked to and the number of times each video is embedded

Reddit TV


A great video resource from the great souls at Reddit.

Viral Friday


It tracks virals and online videos at millions of social sites and over 350 video sharing sites around the globe and makes a weekly top 10.


Twitmatic – Watch the videos being shared on Twitter right now!

Psst!3 – A collaborative film series and the respective artists.

Art Short Films – Nice ongoing collection of shorts.

YouTomb – A research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.

KeepVid – this is how you save & download any video on YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe & co.


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Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

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  • You shoulod check out its all stop motion videos and which is still pretty new.

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    Check out for animation, VFX and design inspiration. Published by Stash DVD Magazine.

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  • this list is pretty much it for anyone into motion graphics and animation, you’ll get all the inspiration you need from these sites

  • I already had a couple of these, but definitely added a few more to my list, can never get enough inspiration!

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  • It’s always nice to find these lists as most of the time there are hidden treasures that you never knew about, I found 4 here that I bookmarked :)

  • nice list. i dont have anytihng but definitely added a few more to my list, can never get enough inspiration!

  • i think , You shoulod check out its all stop motion videos which is still pretty new.

  • thanks nice list. i dont have anytihng but definitely added a few more to my list, can never get enough inspiration!

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    Hi i came across a fantastic design inspiration and creative video site which you may have accidentally left out of your list … check it out

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    My name is Petter Eldin. I’m a filmmaker living in China. I recently made a film about Neville Brody as he came to visit Beijing Design Week. I’m not sure this is your cup of tea but I was hoping you’d like it and would consider it for your blog.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I wanted to share an inspirational video for anyone who wishes to get motivated, and just be successful in general, this is an “eye opener” that anyone can achieve their goals if they work hard at it :)

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