30 Creative Fashion Label Logo Designs

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We dress up our clothes with the logos of the brands that made them, the logos of companies we want to promote and a few other logos or good measure. That makes it critically important — at least to some of us — that those designs are good in the first place.

Denver Clothing Company, by Andrew Hoffman

Elise Kim Clothing Labels, by Gert van Duinen

Jacob Clothing Company, by Jonny Delap

Intrigue Clothing Stamp, by Derek Walker

Eager Beaver Custom T’s, by Tim Lum

Natasha Bailie, by Jon Roobottom

SixtyFour, by Sander Lagrand

Editing Photo, by Brandon Herbel

Design by Diamond, by Tony D’Amico

Memalane, by Aubrey

Abercrombie, by Jonathan Van Dine

Bigwin Island, by Tim Lum

Hayes and Taylor Clothing, by Brian Kelly

Groupie, by Zsolt Jakab

Abercrombie, by Jonathan Van Dine

Mila Valentin, by Sordahl Design Studio

Ebuyer.com, by Jonny Haynes

XLR, by Andrew Arnott

Adrift Clothing, by Bill Kenney

Clothing Store, by Elmar Haneveld

Epifany, by Brent Cox

Amigo Clothing, by Mark Neale

Elwood Clothing, by Russell Yarwood

LifeLoveMusicClothing Co., by Adam Swisher

Terra Firma Clothing, by William B.

Zap, by Goyasiens

Belief, by Ryan Paonessa

Vivi, by Ari Suardiyanti

Killa, by Brendon Manwaring

Yawning Hippo, by DannyDuhig

Did we leave any of your favorite clothing logos out? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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