30 Brilliantly Textured Web Designs for Your Inspiration

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At various points in the web’s history, it’s been seen as fashionable to see just how much of a web design you can create with just HTML and CSS — including images in the design only where absolutely needed, such as icons. It’s a great exercise for honing your skills: how far can I go with just code? But in the real world, some of the most gorgeous sites are created with multiple layers of textures, requiring the inclusion of many images by necessity.

Here are 30 web designs that make heavy use of textures, whether they’re trendy noise textures, now old-fashioned grunge textures or something else entirely. One thing they all have in common? They look better than half of those fast-loading but image-free designs.

The Seen


Solid Giant

Vector Stories


All Star Lanes



Jeroen Homan


Hugs for Monsters


The Brown Corporation

Bern Unlimited

Edgepoint Church

Schepps Design

Sundance Institute



I Am Todd

Salt of the Earth

Jeff Sarmiento

David Hellmann


Reklama Audio


Toby Powell

MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale

Rockatee Design

It’s worth noting that with the advent of CSS3, tools such as Patternify have started springing up that make it possible to include PNG patterns in your CSS code as Base 64 text. It’s impractical to try and cover the full range of textures and implementations this way, but it’s perhaps the coolest, most performance-conscious way of handling images in CSS since sprites.

What are some of your own favorite textured web designs? Let us know about them in the comments!

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  • awesome examples for learn about professional designs. thanks for sharing

  • Those are incredible, bookmarked to come back for some inspiration when I try to create a website with background textures.

  • Great post. Adding textures (even subtle) to Website Design is a brilliant way to enhance any website. It add’s another layer of creativity.

  • Wow! Some fantastic design here. Some are so unique and beautiful! I hope to be able to create something awesome like this one day.