3 highly efficient pre-built e-Commerce websites

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The number of online shops is growing at an incredible rate. Shoppers can purchase almost anything online from wherever they may happen to be. Most eCommerce websites however do not perform to their full potential. Many in fact perform poorly.

Having the right website tools to create a successful online shop is critically important, but just having the tools is not enough. A website builder needs to follow certain practices to ensure an eCommerce store meets its primary UX objective; that of making it easy for a customer to make a purchase.

  • Keep navigation simple. It must allow the customer to locate information effortlessly, and with a minimum of clicks.
  • Don’t settle for less than a stunning home page. First impressions count – they count a lot.
  • Pay attention to product page organization and product presentation. A professional look earns a customer’s trust.

Three Examples of Good and Engaging Pre-built Websites for Online Shops

The following examples illustrate the benefits of using pre-built websites to create online shops. While they can play important roles as conceptual designs, the simple fact that they encourage simplicity and elegance of design and are completely customizable, makes them perfect for creating outstanding user experiences.

Be Theme pre-built websites are both huge time savers and productivity enhancers. They require less budget, and they lead to high-quality results.

Be Theme Shop


This pre-built website demonstrates how simplicity and complexity can coexist. There is more white space than text and imagery. The page is smartly organized. The shop’s UVP (unique value proposition) jumps right out at you, as does the quality of its products.

This home page, when customized, can easily provide the information a visitor needs without adding clutter. The “Add to Cart” button is easy to locate, as is the shop’s search icon, and there’s room in the menu to help guide visitors through the shop.

First impressions are everything, and bedazzling a shopper with an awesome home page gets a shopping experience off to a great start; but don’t forget to take into account content and product presentation.

Be Cosmetics


This is another perfect example of how white space, combined with large, clean images, will attract shoppers. The image, with its judicious use of white space, conveys a feeling of luxury.

Note the “Ambassadors” page; an important element in online shops specializing in beauty and care products.

Specific Traits of the Beauty and Care eCommerce Sector

  • Roughly half of the shoppers looking for cosmetics do not know which brand they will purchase. This benefits brand websites.
  • 43% of online shoppers visit 4 to 5 beauty or cosmetic-related websites, which emphasizes the need to create an attention-grabbing online store.

The focus today is shifting away from sales, and toward engagement. Emotional engagement has become significantly more important than competitive pricing; this is something pre-built websites should exploit to the fullest.

Be Store


Be Store has a simple, chick design. It is in fact an elegant design. You see the impact that a proper use of white space and background imagery can have. Simple commands like “Him”, “Her” and “Browse Now” are designed to lead a customer to a Call to Action.

We live in an image-centric society. You can see why images play a key role in online marketing. Here are several reasons why the importance of quality images should never be underestimated:

  1. Articles with images get nearly double the number of views (94% to be exact).
  2. Including a photo or video in a press release increases view by more than 45%.
  3. Adding an image to a local search result can increase the number of contacts by 60%.
  4. Two-thirds of consumers visiting online shops say images play an important role in making their selections.
  5. Customers believe the quality of product images is of greater importance than product-specific information and descriptions, ratings, and reviews.
  6. The Facebook engagement rate for photos is 37% higher than it is for text.

Be Theme, and its Pre-Built Websites that People Love


You’ve been given three good pre-designed websites for three types of online shops. If you have a different type of eCommerce store in mind, is there a pre-built website that will suit your needs?

Be Theme’s library currently features 170+ of them, and more are being added every month.

Any topic you are ever likely to need is covered, and for any given topic you will find multiple pre-built websites to choose from. Even better, the bulk of these websites are multipage affairs.

Simply select the fully customizable pre-designed website that best matches your shop’s brand or theme, import it with one click, and let Be Theme’s website-building features do the rest.

Check out it 2 minute video and see how fast and easy you can install and edit a Be Theme pre-built website:

It isn’t just the number of pre-built websites that have made Be Theme the Biggest WordPress Theme Ever. Its many powerful core features and a huge user base factor into the equation as well.

First, you have a choice between two powerful, easy-to-use page builders/editors – Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composer. You can use either, or you can use both.

The Muffin Options panel lets you go about customizing a given theme without any need for coding whatsoever, and the Shortcode Generator and shortcodes contribute to speedy page building as well.

Be’s built-in Mega Menu feature can be put to excellent use when designing an online shop, and since Be Theme is both Responsive and Retina Ready, mobile shoppers aren’t left out in the cold.

Should you wish to design a page from scratch, Be’s Grid and Header Selection features and Layout Options will quickly get you on your way. There is much more of course.

The bottom line is this: Make Be Theme your website-building theme of choice, and shoppers will beat a path to the door of your new online shop.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.