25 Infographic Videos about the Environment

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June is traditionally a month dedicated to the Envionment. The 5th is the World Environment Day, and all over the world a number of initiatives occur, reminding us how dependant we are of Nature,and how much can we do, both as individuals and as a collective force.

Today we bring several data visualization videos, from the many available on Visual Loop, that have in common the focus on the main environmental issues affecting the world. Hope they serve both as an alert and as an inspiration!

Go Green

We Must

Global Warming: Did You Know?

A Day In The Life Of Mister O.

Vampire Energy

Winning the Oil Endgame


Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative

Running on (almost) Empty

Per-capita carbon dioxide emissions: actual volume of gas in real-time

Turn it Off

Coal Country

Energy Tomorrow: The Choice

Facebook: Unfriend Coal

The Earth


The Facts about Bottled Water

Water Changes Everything


Our Choice: Overexploitation

Polar Bear

Wind Power and its implications

Our Choice: Global Warming

Smarter Energy

Energy 2050

How Solar Works

Feel free to share with us any other videos or resources on this topic!

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