25 Bright WordPress Themes Using Popping Colors

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You have to be bold these days to be noticed! You have to wear some funky stuff to look a bit cooler. So after the huge success of our article on websites using popping colors we decided to make a WP themes roundup as well.

Pandora | $30 | Details | Demo


Pandora is a WordPress Template, designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site

Blogus | $45 + a FREE theme | Details | Demo


Blogus theme is perfect for a world travelers. You can share travel experiences using Google Map feature. Post, add photos and communicate with friends and family around the world

Cube X | $30 | Details | Demo


CUBE -X is theme a complete site compatible with all the browsers IE6 , IE7 , IE8 , Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3, Safari 4, Google Chrome

Platform | $50 | Details | Demo


Platform is a theme for people who pack a huge amount of content on their site. The main inspiration for the design of Platform came from sites such as cnn.com, portfolio.com and newyorker.com

Eclectic | $25 | Details | Demo


Eclectic Premium is a quality WordPress template perfect for showcasing a portfolio and hosting a blog

Bloom | $29 | Details | Demo


A list of unique features that are included with Bloom: Two Column Layout, Widget Ready, Adsense Ready, WP 2.7+ Ready, No Sidebars Template, Links & Bookmark Template, Sitemap Template

PinkyGrey | $25 | Details | Demo


PinkyGrey is a theme very useful for personal blogs. It comes with everything any blogger need. Its nice and bearable design makes it even better

Boardwalk | $29 | Details | Demo


A list of unique features that are included with BoardWalk: Random Header Graphics (rainbows, kites, planes), Random Footer Graphics (beach huts, crabs), Customizable Weather Feed, Two Column Layout, Widget Ready, Adsense Ready, Featured Homepage Post, Three Featured Categories

Convergence | $25 | Details | Demo


Convergence is a nicely put together WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site. This theme includes many popular features seen in today’s industry leading community sites

Arcade | $50 | Details | Demo


Arcade was inspired by the genius Martijn van Dam who creates some incredible designs. This theme is perfect for gamers or Sci-Fi movie bloggers who appreciate the roots of the Retro vibe

Centrio | $25 | Details | Demo


This theme is a fixed layout best suitable for all types of business and a corporate business sites, Company Portfolio, Freelancer Portfolio or blog sites who want to have it in web 2.0 Style it will set and this template will target the best solutions for your better sales on your business

VintMint | $29 | Details | Demo


A list of unique features that are included with VintMint: Widget Ready, Multi Dropdown Menus, No Sidebars Template, Links & Bookmark Template, Sitemap Template, Featured Video, Subscribe, Include / Exclude Links

Coffee Junkie | $25 | Details | Demo


Coffee Junkie is a clean, modern and minimalistic layout, designed to promote anything from your personal portfolio website through to a design studios website

Therapy | $70 | Details | Demo


Therapy is a powerful, feature-rich & flexible personal blog theme with Izuddin’s signature, vibrant and bubbly design style. This theme showcases your social media profiles neatly, whilst elegantly showcasing your latest blog posts

Pacifica | $25 | Details | Demo


This theme is a complete WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to function first and foremost as a portfolio, then as a comprehensive WordPress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout

Liquid Magazine | $25 | Details | Demo


This is one of a kind theme, there are no analogs on ThemeForest. It will suits best for the blog with creative posts. Different thumbnails height is giving a special “style” to the template, your visitors will love it

Markted | $30 | Details | Demo


Markted is coming with the original, optimized .psd photoshop file, so if you have photoshop and a minimum of design knowledge you are able to create an original version

Hypowired | $30 | Details | Demo


This theme was created with customization in mind. Many of the elements are very personalized, but also very easily to manipulate. While it’s very graphically intense, it’s also very usable and readable

Midnight Sun | $25 | Details | Demo

Midnight Sun is a stylish and elegant WordPress theme designed for blogs, magazines, portfolios and pretty much any kind of informational site you need it for

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  • A few of these aren’t really “bright” but I like the list. Thanks for posting it up

  • I agree with Mike, some of these rely on the content for colour instead of the actual theme. A few great standout themes though.

  • wish some of them were free but gave me inspiration for sure!

  • thank you.

    nice theme.

  • Nice collection, ThemeForest is really turning out to be an awesome WP Theme resource…

  • Love the work, great collection and a lot to work with here. Good post.

  • Haha… I think they should call this article “19 Bright WordPress Themes Using Popping Colors”

  • I was really hooked by the site with car-racing colors on the character’s helmet.

  • Thank you for sharing. I really like Boardwalk.