I think we can all agree Amazon.com is a pretty uninspiring website, no revelation there. They were once known for pioneering much of what is now referred to as ‘standards’ in ecommerce. These days, the online giant is looking a little worse for wear. Personally, I’ve been avoiding the website for years because of how unappealing I find it, so when I recently went to buy a Kindle I was not surprised to learn of some major fragmentation and usability problems.

Every webdesigner needs attractive business card because you never know when you’ll meet a potential client or web partner. Despite their small size, business cards are one of the most handiest and powerful marketing tools. Here are several totally free templates that you could use to make your own business cards. So have a look…Continue Reading “26+ Attractive Business Card Templates”

Words aren’t just words. Rather, words portray meanings and can stir up every emotion from anger to lust. As such, designers have immense power over their audiences simply with the fonts they select and the manner in which those fonts are used. The following are ten 10 masterfully composed videos that provide perfect examples of…Continue Reading “10 Most Inspiring Videos about Typography”

Calvetica has a minimal, uncluttered interface making it a breeze to browse and get things done, and most of all; it uses Helvetica, can’t get much better than that! I initially bought Calvetica based solely on it’s dashing looks like a lot of people did, but having used it for a couple of weeks now I think it really is one of the best app’s i’ve ever used.

This is a special guest post by Tiago Veloso from Visual Loop – a non-stop stream of Infographics, Maps, Charts and many other Visualization Goodies, with lots of new posts everyday. Be sure to check out Tiago’s first massive hit on Inspired Mag – Info-Visualization Through the Eyes and Talent of 10 Brazilian Designers As…Continue Reading “10 Outstanding Data-Viz Blogs that You Probably Don’t Know – But Should!”

At the end of November, centered around an online brand activation campaign, Schweppes launched the Schweppesonality campaign. A ground breaking activation campaign that features an interactive viral film and is empowered by all social media. The viral experience consists of a personalized film, made possible through a facebook connection. The viral takes the participator into the…Continue Reading “HOW TO: Create a Mainstream Viral Campaign – SCHWEPPESONALITY”