20 Top performing WP themes of the past winter

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WordPress has proven to be one of the best content management system, which powers more than a fifth of all the websites on the Internet. If you also decided to join, then the next step would be to find a theme for your website.

But the amount of WP themes might be overwhelming and can confuse even experienced users. In today’s post we decided to make a roundup of the most recent and up-to-date WP themes, that have been very popular during the past winter.

All the themes have a clean and well-written code, that is optimized for search engines. When it comes to content editing, each theme will provide you with a great number of shortcodes for different needs and purposes. The themes have many other features such as image sliders, built-in Google maps, custom post types, etc., and you can always learn more about each of them. Feel free to check out each theme in detail and see how it looks on its demo page.

Best Financial Solutions WP Website

52702-bigDetails | Demo

Safe Environment WP Template

52293-bigDetails | Demo

Website Design Company WP Template

52603-bigDetails | Demo

Fashion World WP Site

52658-bigDetails | Demo

Modern Technologies WP Template

46787-bigDetails | Demo

Mobile Applications WP Template

52146-bigDetails | Demo

Energy Industry WP Template

52707-bigDetails | Demo

Blooming Business WP Site

52700-bigDetails | Demo

Home Furniture WP Template

52423-bigDetails | Demo

Auto Repair WP Website

52721-bigDetails | Demo

Construction WP Template

51347-bigDetails | Demo

Architect Portfolio WP Template

52038-bigDetails | Demo

Quality Renovation WP Template

52266-bigDetails | Demo

Business Campaigns WP Template

52358-bigDetails | Demo

Fix Your PC WP Template

52468-bigDetails | Demo

Ideal Solutions WP Template

51990-bigDetails | Demo

Adrenaline Rush WP Site

52824-bigDetails | Demo

Mortgage Company WP Template

51989-bigDetails | Demo

Delicate Dishes WP Template

52083-bigDetails | Demo

Dogs Care Center WP Template

52170-bigDetails | Demo

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