20 resources to help you design an iPhone app

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This is a guest post from Ainsley of App Design Vault – the best source of high quality iPhone and iOS app UI design templates.

When you’re a designer, ready made resources are fantastic to have at hand and available to be used when needed. Designing an app from scratch can be hard work, especially when you don’t have the basics.

Apps have never been so popular, especially with the latest releases of iPhones and iPads. The industry is starting to grow year by year and it’s a budding niche to get into.

In today’s post we’ve gathered some exciting resources to help you design your iphone app. We are featuring a large selection from wireframes, freebies, books and more!

1. Proto Share

Proto Share is an excellent tool for creating wireframe apps. Its collaborative tools help app designers envision what features their apps need while working on the project in real time.


2. App Icon Template

One of the most important features of an app, which is usually overlooked, is the app icon. Thanks to, Pixel Resort’s freebie, creating your app icon has never been easier! This free PSD file is loaded with layers and features helping you create that perfect iOS icon without the hassle of starting from scratch.


3. pttrns

Backgrounds and patterns are essential design elements when it comes to apps. They can improve the look and quality of your app, making it more professional and appealing. Filled with hundreds of backgrounds and patterns, pttrns is a website which has a wide range of design categories to choose from, and which they are constantly updating!


4. Icons and Coffee

Can’t find the icons you’re looking for?  Icons and Coffee is an excellent resource for designers. They offer a total of 300 visually inspiring icons.


5. App Design Vault

Want a head start with finding the right app template for you? Sometimes when we’re on a tight budget, we simply can’t afford a custom app designed from scratch. App Design Vault offer remade PSD app kits which you can edit and customise the way you want!


6. The iOS Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets can make your life easier when designing an app. The iOS Cheat Sheet specifies the gamut of resolutions, displays and app icon sizes all in one place!


7. Vita iPhone App UI Kit Psd

PSD app user interface (UI) kits are something most designers love to use so they can get a head start. This app UI kit psd from Pixeden is a clean and professional premium file.


8. iPad Application Mockup (PSD)

Here’s another beautiful iPad application mockup by Premium Pixel. Set with high quality graphics and resolution, this is a very polished resource.


9. Prepo

For displaying your app artworks and icons, Prepo is a handy tool to have. Simple drag and drop your works for an easy conversion and preview.


10. Sip

If you’re a colour fanatic, this resource makes it easier than ever to select, sample and encode colour on your screen. Just click on a pixel and the colour code will click paste into your code editor!


11. iOS Style Popover

This is a stylish iOS Style Popover PSD freebie. Its created by UI Parade, so check out this great free file for yourself!


12. Flat Free Responsive Wireframe (PSD File)

When you’re designing your app, this professional free responsive wireframe PSD features a flat and minimalist look. As a result the efforts of the designer are focused on the app’s functionality, behaviour, and location of content.


13. App Design Book

It’s always a good idea to keep learning and growing when you’re an app designer. This book teaches you the secrets of designing high quality, useful, eye catching apps for your clients. Tips are for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


14. UI Buttons

Let’s face it, buttons aren’t the most exciting element to design. This excellent UI buttons kit takes the pain out of designing this feature, by offering you this streamlining freebie!


15. iPad GUI PSD – Version 2

It takes many hours to design the basics of an app. This iPad GUI PSD is a fantastic shortcut to achieving professional results in minutes!


16. Subtle Patterns

Find more interesting patterns for your apps at Subtle Patterns. With hundreds of pattern designs to choose from, you can even download their PSD plugin to help make designing your apps easier!


17. iPhone App PSD Template

This fabulous iPhone App PSD contains everything you’ll need to get started with designing your app interface! With high detailed graphics, and excellent retina resolution this is a great starting point.


18. iPhone UI

Sometimes we only need a small graphic element to help boost our design. This cute little iPhone UI is set with header features.


19. Mobile App Navigation

Only need help with your navigation? Check out this great freebie by Freebies Gallery. It features a well planned navigation layout which is sleek and clean!


20. Promotee

You’ve invested countless hours designing and building your app, and now it’s time to market it! Promotee is a fantastic tool to use in promoting your app on iPhones and iPad screens. You can easily drag and drop your app image and this website will produce a beautiful promo in seconds!



Author bio: Ainsley is the a brand ambassador of App Design Vault – the best source of high quality iPhone and iOS app UI design templates.

Ainsley Bevis is a passionate designer and blogger. She runs the blogs Bloom Web Design, Feed Castle and Design Bump.