20 Parallax scrolling business WordPress themes for 2016

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The Parallax effect is a comparatively old web design trend, which we’d call a brand new idea of visual perception if it were not for the fact that it appeared a long time ago. In the 1980s it was used in video games. Speaking of web design niche, the Nike website was a Parallax trend launcher, after which the Parallax effect increased in popularity. Anyway, years have passed, and although the Parallax scrolling feature has had its ups and downs, it nevertheless continues to exist today and is applied in web design.

Parallax depth effect boosts conversions immensely. Not only does it make scrolling fun and engaging, but it also tells a visual story, provokes curiosity and directs customers to the call-to-actions of your website. As a result, the website visits become longer, and your visitors are more likely to convert to potential customers and return time and again.

Should you code a website with a Parallax effect from scratch? Not necessarily. There are plenty of beautiful website themes and templates with Parallax effect on the Web, and right now we are suggesting you to take a look at 20 Parallax Scrolling business WordPress themes. Maybe some of these will take your fancy, too. And if you want to see more WordPress themes with a parallax effect, check out this page. For an complete collection of corporate/business WordPress Themes (and not just parallax WP themes) please navigate to this page.

And now, it’s time to see hand-picked Parallax Scrolling WordPress themes which are perfect for business websites.

Monstroid WordPress Theme

1. Monstroid WordPress Theme

This theme was released in July 2015 and it has already gained its audience of developers and end-users. It includes various features and 40+ child themes which you may use to create your WordPress website. Btw, we’ve reviewed Monstroid here atInspiredMag.

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Web Design Responsive WordPress Theme

2. Web Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Would you like a full-screen image on your website? Then check out a sleek WordPress theme which could be suitable for many types of business. Tell a visual story by using your images – the Parallax effect will only emphasize the message you want the customers to receive.

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Plumbing Co WordPress Theme

3. Plumbing Co WordPress Theme

There is a belief that the color red in web design boosts conversions. Check it out for yourself – all buttons and call-to-actions in this WordPress theme are in red and the visitors may be not able to resist clicking.

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Obrus WordPress Theme

4. business WordPress theme

Any construction business would look great if its website were based on dark colors with bright yellow design elements. The Parallax effect creates the depth you need and the circles in the middle of the theme will visually present your business statistics. Provide some proof to your potential clients that your business is trustworthy.

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IT Company WordPress Theme

5. parallax wordpress theme for an IT company

This WordPress theme belongs to the relatively new “Material” trend. Not that many websites use it, which may make your site stand out from a slew of monotonous, cookie-cutter designs. However, material design does not necessarily suit every website. Make sure it is suitable for your own online presence and enjoy this neat material design, as it may be the main contributor to your online business success.

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Hypnosis WordPress Theme

6. medical WP theme with a parallax scrolling effect

This is a green WP theme which combines a significant amount of text and many images, perfectly. Inform your visitors about your business, let them want what you offer and see how material design elements at the bottom right of the text boxes work towards conversion.

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Car Repair WordPress Theme

7. parallax wordpress theme for a car repair company

The online presentation of a car repair business should leave a visitor with a feeling of clarity about the services offered, and that is why this WP theme may work well in achieving that goal. Showcase the process of your work with an image gallery and have your visitors get in touch with you quickly using a contact form.

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Wedding Store WordPress Theme

8. wedding wordpress theme with parrallax scrolling

Wedding is a special occasion which needs to be presented as elegantly as possible. Every single detail matters, even the placement of an image needs to look stylish. If you need a winsome looking wedding website, these ghost buttons and beautiful overall layout will come to your aid.

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Language Course WordPress Theme

9. Education - parallax scrolling wordpress theme

This theme could become a great educational website. Pay attention as it has a beautiful gallery when you scroll down, and showcase the opportunities offered to your customers. Just as in the other 19 WordPress themes included in this list, this theme has a Parallax effect, which makes the website look deep and alive.

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Dentic WordPress Theme

10. parallax wordpress theme for a dental clinic

Who said that a dentist business can’t bring joy to its customers? Surely it can, if you make both their online and offline experience as pleasant as possible. For a great online experience you may consider using this theme. A white dentist theme for everyone who needs white teeth.

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Exdesimo WordPress Theme

11. parallax wp theme

This is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes as well as one of the greenest and “Parallaxy” ones. A website based on this WordPress theme will certainly grab a visitor’s attention, make him stay for longer and, possibly, convert.

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Contractor Workforce WordPress Theme

12. wordpress theme with parallax scrolling

Check out an image slider which turns into ghost buttons when you hover the mouse on it. If you plan to create a website which would look as substantial and robust as the constructions you create, this WordPress Theme may be a great choice for you.

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Business Bureau WordPress Theme

13. business wordpress theme with parallax

Creating a business website that stands out from the crowd, may seem to be challenging as many business websites look alike. Nevertheless, in this WP theme you may place the logo in a red box and it will catch the eye of your customer immediately. Square shape prevails in design which improves the UX of a website.

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Gas and Oil Trading WordPress Theme

14. business parallax wp the,e

Gas and oil trade doesn’t refer to small business. In order to present big business, you need serious websites, for which a theme like this has been created. This WordPress theme looks professional enough to be an online presentation for any major business.

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15.Financial Consultancy WordPress Theme

15. stylis parallax wordpress theme

This is a smart business WordPress theme with a semi-transparent menu, seamless image slider, Parallax scrolling effect and beautiful hover effects. Check the live demo now. It is quite probable that you will like what you see.

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Consulting Agency WordPress Theme

16. parallax wordpress theme

Do you need something light-colored and easy to look at? This WordPress theme with a Parallax effect may be just the one. Full-width image, lazy-load effects and many more – the features will make the website look impressive to any user.

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Consulting Co WordPress Theme

17. corporate parallax wordpress theme

A clean responsive parallax scrolling WordPress theme to move a business online. Check out the boxes with hover effect which are created specifically for different plans. Due to that hover effect they are far more engaging.

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Gitex WordPress Theme

18. gitex wordpress theme

Encourage your customers to click through all the images using an image slider. Do you have business information that needs to be read by the visitors? You may place it in this WordPress theme in the appropriate position.

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Bank WordPress Theme

19. bank wordpress theme

A window effect? That is what you might think when looking at this WP theme. Thanks to the Parallax effect, you get the impression of looking out of the window in a skyscraper.

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Speed WordPress Theme

20. business parallax wordpress theme

Grey colors are usually associated with business, and blue color usually invokes trustworthiness. Guess what happens when they are combined? Right, it’s an elegant business and trustworthy website, for which this WordPress theme would be a perfect fit.

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