20 Fresh Vector Character Designs

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This is the first guest post from Aphrodite Ioannou, editor of EyeCandies Blog, an inspiration blog promoting and showcasing creativity from around the world. EyeCandies can be also found in Facebook and Twitter as well.

I absolutely love vectors. Vector graphics actually motivated me in getting started and experimenting with digital illustration. Many illustrators from all around the world use this popular method and create fresh, cutting edge vector art. However, while vectoring is a technique, character design is admittedly a quite challenging creative procedure that aims to express, communicate and consequently produce a visual entity that engages the viewer.

And of course when vectors meet character design, the outcome is eye-catching! Check out these 20 imaginative characters and click on images to view more by each designer. Enjoy!

Aphrodite Ioannou is a self taught digital artist and editor of EyeCandies Blog, a place where creativity in the field of art, craft, photography, decoration and fashion is exposed for your eyes only. Connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

  • A great collection of character designs. I personally like the crab design best, it made me smile :-) I also found an amusing twitter gang when clicking the link of the crab so definitely a good choice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice collection, I was looking for some inspiration for design some new charavters and this has done the job! Thanks.

  • You saved my day! Thank you for these.

    Btw – take a look at these free vector characters: ext effects into new text layers if needed. Another advantage of our theater sign PSD graphic is that you can use

  • That’s definitely a creative set!