20 fantastic ways to find new music that you like (no Last.fm & Pandora inside)

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OK, everybody knows that Last.fm & Pandora are great services, but there are a lot of other tools that can help us to find new cool music. Some of them just expose daily musical goodies, others make recommendations based on your very own preferences, and others take the web interactivity ever further. Explore the best 20 ways to discover new music in a web 2.0 world.

Live music discovery


Wonderwheel is a new tool that aims to help you find similar artists with the ones you like. Looks like it’s still in beta but it did work well for me. Give it a spin and let us know what you think [twitter]


My favorite method to discover new music is listening to the Awdio stream (live music stream from more than 60 clubs from all over the world – including DJ sets & parties) and when I hear a nice track, I tag it with Shazam (explained below) to find out what tune is it. [twitter]


Shazam gives instant satisfaction for those times when you want to know the song that is playing, learn more about the artist, buy the song immediately – or simply share your discovery with your friends. A similar project for PC is Midomi.

Music recommendation services




iLike is an online service that allows users to download and share music. The website makes use of Apple’s iTunes in order to discover new artists and tracks that you should like. One of the oldest projects of it’s kind. [twitter]

The Filter

The FilterThe Filter – the vision of Peter Gabriel – is a discovery experience that filters the world of online entertainment and information, personalizing it in a way that reflects an individual’s tastes and moods through unique algorithms. It gathers your listening history through an iTunes plug-in. [twitter]

iTunes Geniusgenius

iTunes 8 includes a new feature – The Genius – that lets you automatically create playlists from songs in your music library that go great together. Right-click any song in your library and choose Start Genius from the pop-up menu for a list of new songs that match that tune’s attributes.

Taste Kid

tasteKind of an emo version of The Filter & such, Taste Kid explores your taste suggesting similar or related music (artists, bands), movies and books, based on what you like. So be it! [twitter]


Hot new tracks


The Hype Machinehype

The Hype Machine monitors hundreds of blogs for new music, collecting the MP3 links in a massive library of songs that you can favorite, adding to your dashboard, and then play like a radio. Another cool feature is the blog music zeitgeist. There is also a similar service -> Elbo.ws. [twitter]

Pitchfork Mediapitchfork

Pitchfork is a daily blog devoted to music criticism, news and artist interviews. Its focus is on independent music, but the range of covered genres extends to electronic, pop, hip hop, dance, folk, jazz, and experimental music. The Pitchfork influence is often compared with NME‘s.


A leading online outlet for indie and alternative music, news, reviews, and gossip, Stereogum regularly features unknown artists who go on to become mainstream sensations. A very good tool for finding hot new tracks is the GumDrop. [twitter]


Social bookmarking & Short Reviews



Mog is all about a music community. It’s very blog-centric and revolves around user pages, or “Mogs”. You build your Mog around songs you’re listening too and artists you like. That builds something like a profile for you that users can browse to and comment on. It also uses this profile to suggest other people or music that you might like.

Stumble Audio


StumbleAudio is a social music discovery site (yes, StumbleUpon like baby!) with a mission is to help you find music by new artists that you would like, rather than play or sell you the hits by mainstream artists that you are “expected” to love.

Live Plasmaliveplasma

Made public in 2005, Liveplasma is a new way to broaden your cultural horizons according to your taste in music and movies. Look for your favorite bands, music or directors to obtain a map that details other potential interests.


It limits each review to a single line and allows users to rate those reviews up or down using Up or Down buttons. The daily selection of Musebin is a good mix of old and fresh music albums. [twitter]



Mr Blippr gives us a really easy way to discover, talk about and organize great music trough very short reviews. They also host movie, book and application reviews so imagine the same thing extended for everything. [twitter]


Internet Jukeboxes



Imeem is an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover blogs, photos, music and videos. The core engineers came from Napster (the pioneer file sharing service). [twitter]



With Deezer you can listen your favorite songs for free, create unlimited playlists, and share songs with the embedded players. Something like last.fm where you have the option to listen the desired tracks. [tweeter]


Songzais a web search engine that finds and plays music files on the internet. Unlike other streaming services, users explicitly search for individual files to play rather than an automatically generated playlist they cannot control. [tweeter]





If you love Twitter and you like listening to new music, then you should definitely try Blip.fm. The service allows you to make a stream of your recently discovered songs and to subscribe to the Blip feeds of your friends. [twitter]

The Sixty Onesixtyone1

Thesixtyone is a music discovery game that rewards those who help others listen to good new music. Also, new artists can add their music to thesixtyone in a process that’s fast and simple. [twitter]

One Llamaonellama

One Llama is a music discovery and playlist-sharing site with a Flash app that lets you explore live related radio playlists. You just type the name of an artist or band and you get a big list of radio stations that usualy play songs by that artist.




  • If You Dig – Type in the name of a musician you dig, and it will tell you what other artists you’re statistically most likely to dig. We dig.
  • Gigfi – upcoming gigs in your town in a Spotify playlist.
  • Jango – Internet radio that plays what you want.
  • SoundCloud – music uploaded and commented by artists and fans. Highly interactive listening process. [twitter]
  • Cherry Peel – the democratic music revolution
  • Rifflet – home of the unfinished songs; here you find pieces of a song – a bass line, a guitar riff, a drumbeat or something else entirely. Nice find for DJs
  • hey, if you’re not satisfied by this list follow Britney on Twitter :-D
  • please leave some tips & tricks in the comment

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • human

    you forgot the record store, zombies

    • dingus mcgee

      ain’t nobody got time for that

  • N!C
  • grone

    Wow, this is awesome. Let’s not forgt about Napster :-)

  • Howdy;
    nice list. Thanks for sharing this .

  • MD

    imeem is the best! :)

  • Great list. Another approach to music discovery is ‘social music recommendation’ based on the psychological perception of music. Our new service Music Patterns provides customized playlists based on music that ‘People Like You’ actually listen to.

    Using a psychology-based approach to music preferences, this method combines your individual preferences with identifying those that are similar to your ‘music personality.’

    This new form of social music recommendation was developed from years of research in this area by best selling author Dr. Dan Levitin and our team at Signal Patterns.

  • Catalin – Jeff, CEO from Blip.fm here. Thanks for reaching out to us this morning with the heads up your post. Great stuff and thanks for mentioning Blip.fm. Just to add to your description, you can also think of us as a social music DJ service or the Twitter for music. Anyway, you mentioned a LOT of great music companies and I’m sure your readers are stoked to try your recommendations. Hope to see you on Blip.fm again soon!

    PS – the text link above the “Blip.fm” logo goes to another site so you may want to fix it so I can give you a better idea on the traffic.

  • Hi Catalin, thanks for this article. We hope people enjoy finding music on Songza!

    Take care,



  • john

    What Else!
    My personal favorite is Awdio.com too!

    These guys are actually streaming live events for the Winter Music Conference! Amazing service…

  • ramouflard

    Thks for the list !! I love Awdio too. That’s a really insane concept. Unique music

  • Jeff

    Awdio is awesome, really !! I stay tuned every night with the incredible line up at WMC in Miami, simply the best DJs
    Moreover I heard they were going to implement a tool enabling information on tracks played and possibility to buy on Itunes
    sounds promising ;o)

  • chris
  • Hey Catalin, thanks for putting The Filter on your list. Aside from The Filter (of course) my favorite tool is probably The Sixty One, because it makes music discovery really fun, which is actually as it should be. I also find Tumblr and Blip.fm awesome tools for discovery.


    Bernie, TheFilter.com

  • Thanks guys for all the great feedback. Stay tuned for more music material soon!

  • Is there a music discovery site for those of us that listen to Classical Music? Just wondering.

  • The Hype Machine & Blip.fm are my two favorites. Just started playing around w/ The Sixty One.

  • hmm… good one.

  • mm… good one..

  • mm.. cognitively.

  • thanks for the useful links! my personal favorite is grooveshark.
    an other interesting one: http://goom.com/

  • musicGAWD

    new kid on the block – http://www.jamwee.com

  • you are the best

  • More for finding out when your favourite artists are touring or checking out their history of live shows, there’s also http://www.songkick.com/ which I’m sure could also be used for finding new music

    Only just launched so some of the data is a little sparse, particularly for electronic acts, but it looks very promising.

  • I been looking for ways to keep discovering new music. This is has to be the most useful discovery yet. I have admit to being new to using the net as tool for finding new music. I tend to just read magazines or check radio/tv, but these are usually corporate controlled and I miss out on the really interesting stuff. have agree with the comment about Record Stores, having worked in a few over the years I find it hard to find stores with really informed staff these day as so many have gone out of business. The net is now he place to go, not as much fun but far more info. Well off to check out your list, many many thanks..

  • What about lala.com?

  • Thanks for writing this blog and sharing it with the world. I would like to know how to go for reading your rss blog. Please let me know if possible.

  • Great site to identify and find new music. Thanks for all the lists—
    checking them out soon!

  • Dana Isley

    Forgot in my las post to mention another site I found
    Found out lots of info about identifying songs from TV,Movies
    and lots of great lists.

  • Thanks a bunch folks….keep it up

  • http://www.spotify.com in Europe begins to have a great buzz. It seems to be a serious competitor for Deezer in UK and France.

  • Wow, sweet list, thank you from the heart. Stereogum is super cool.

    Electric knife sharpeners

  • george

    http://www.the-fly.co.uk/ is my personal favourite, always has the best up to date reviews on all the best up and coming bands and live acoustic sessions!

  • melanie


    beautiful design, awesome tunes

  • Terror and Love

    I dont see stumbleaudio on this? Just found this insanely useful tool

  • Terror and Love

    Oh it is on there. Hmm I feel like an ass.

    My bad

  • someone

    add Gnod– searches music, books, movies etc. based on your interests and suggests new artists/ media

  • Wow! These are great resources. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tom

    I think that the most interesting and efficient way to find new music is exceptionally unique website http://www.grokmusic.com

    GPS – grok positioning system is FUN!

  • Tanya
  • Holly

    I like lala.com.

  • SD
  • RoaR3000

    Anyone know of a place like last.fm or any other easily searchable library for new/emerging underground/abstract/political hip hop?…

  • ML

    I like http://tuneranker.com. I found this one is the best for Club Music

    My opinion


  • Bridgid

    I tried ‘The Filter’ and it was garbage. I tried putting in my musical tastes (The Ting Tings, The Magnetic Fields, Mika, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s) and it didn’t recognize any of them….I guess some people would consider these artists to be obscure but most of them have had top 100 singles in the last few years. It’s really frustrating to go in search of lesser-known music when the mainstream music you listen to is apparently too underground for music searching programs to recognize.

  • Jimmy

    Hey do you think there is a linux GTK+ alternative for Shazam and Midomi? Contact me @ my email if you have an answer, please!

  • I use blip.fm its very easy to find people with the same taste. Then once you find them you will discover cool new music that based on your interest.

  • Trying to find new interests can be difficult no matter what field they pertain to. Thanks for the helpful resources.

  • Ross

    Check out Joe Bonamassa’s new single with a FREE download..just type in the promo code: BLOG and enjoy!


  • TLFR came across this (minimalist) new music upload/review site called SomeSongs. http://www.somesongs.com/ You can upload your own material, or just listen and rank other bands stuff. All the mp3s are unprotected / downloadable.

    Also, Too Late for Roses is giving away a 3-song EP over at http://www.toolateforroses.com/ (stuff from our full-length LP). Some of the material was featured on NYC animator Pat Smith’s film “Masks”.

  • Arjan Muthert

    “Shuffler is internet-radio made by music blogs.”


  • travis

    A new one i found is http://www.thetuneage.com/

  • Thank you for creating this list. I was looking all over for some new discovery resources to upload music to, and you included quite a few that I had never even heard of. I appreciate it!

  • Hey, what about Venossi.com?

  • nddie

    iss main page 6 per chalay jana upper wala link open kar k us say pehlay k pages main nay kar dayea hia aur achay

    mill rahay hai ok.. aur neechay walay bhi search karwana jab upper walay link k pages khutum ho jaye http://www.workersliberty.org/node/7587

  • i read somewhere about a site in which you wrote titles of music that you like and it analyze your taste in a “rythm” way.. deeper , with a complicated algorithm..
    BUT i don’t remember the sitename!=( (the inventor spent years to elaborate this thing!

  • Spongy

    It’s just a newborn baby but take a look at
    No ‘star ratings’ no ‘friends’ no blogs no forums no scroll bar.
    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! –
    Leonardo Da Vinci

  • You should check out http://songfountain.com/ It’s a music link sharing/trading community. If you post up your taste, people will post you good songs based on your taste!

  • i wonder what year this post was made in? imeem was killed off by myspace years ago. now if someone buys myspace and kills it off, two music sites will have been buried into the ground

  • Gina

    StumbleAudio is just what I was looking for thank you!!!

  • how about songlair.com?

  • jay
  • Brad

    Open two tabs in your browser


    As I am always on a quest for new music, these two sites give me nearly optimum options. Enjoy!

  • Vampira Bloothorn

    Mr. Tunes. That may probably get us no where. Then people would be wondering what happened to myspace. Then there would be a petition to get it back. then once those two were together we would still be on the same page as we are now.

  • Vampira Bloothorn

    T.T I really miss talking to Mr. Obama on imeem.
    He joined two of my groups.

  • Stephen

    simplest and the fastest http://vupas.com

  • hope

    http://www.vupas.com really rocks thanks Stephen

  • Ryan

    http://vupas.com/ looks amazing! Thanks Stephen

  • Lulu


    A new personalized radio and music discovery site.

  • Katey

    There is a site I found recently thanks to stumbleupon that my stupid self never favorited. Its a site where you type in a band you like (say, Arcade Fire) but then it will give you like 8 bands that match that. Then you can click on one of those and it will take you to similar bands to them. Like a big tree w/branches off of the different bands. Its a great site. Anyone know it?

  • Katey
  • Nyarlathotep

    20 fantastic ways to fnd out why you shouldn’t listen to what other people say.

    Sorry, but these kind of sites are utterly useless for those of us who have niche and ultra-specific tastes. Take my favourite artist : Alllied Vision. Many similar artists are not ones I consider similar, let alone anything I like (infact its usually strong dislike).

    What there needs to be is a system that analyses an mp3 file – and reads the kind of sounds, textures, vocals and structures within the music then suggests music with the same properties. Sadly, thats probably too awesome to exist isnt it ?

  • Nick
  • Fredd

    I use http://www.albumtable.com

    I do believe pitchfork is usually right, but with that you can compare it with others.

  • wow, you forgot a lot of good ones, the best one for me


    • Lydia

      totally agree, 8tracks is my main source for music anymore.

  • There are some interesting points made in this post but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to eye . There is some validity but I will take hold judgement until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner besides.

  • Justin Lewis

    I use this new website http://upperclassbeats.com
    It has a variety of music for all tastes .
    Check it out

  • Sdog&bitch

    TuneGlue – the best one for me and my girlfriend!
    amazingly comfortable and user friendly visual interface, just search a known artist, and click on it to expand and similar artists will pop up.

  • Ya, that site that let you put in names and let you listen to the best new music from all over the world was called UnHeard Radio. http://www.unheardradio.com – but with insane increase of use, lack of advertisers, the owners couldn’t afford to keep it running anymore. Kinda Sucks. I loved that site.

  • We have a radio program that we air on Tuesdays from 4pm – 8pm CDT called “New Music Tuesdays”. It’s on Jivewired Radio powered by Live365 – it’s free, and the radio player provides links to where the listener can download the music – with about 60-75% of the music available at no coast. The link is http://live365.com/stations/jivewiredradio – and we also pay royalties for airplay and take submissions for new music (there is an e-mail link on our station page).

  • Ari

    What about wahwah.fm?

  • http://iGiveapoop.com on http://JackTheDonkey.com (be social, discover new music…make change for the charity of your choice…freely).

  • Rach


  • lucy

    8tracks.com changed my life

  • Kfir

    jampri.com does it for me due to its strong social abilities.

  • http://songspin.fm is a great way to discover new music. it’s like stumbleupon for music.

  • Music Emissions does a podcast every month that is strictly lesser known bands.


  • Fred Flintstone


  • alan

    Is there a website with the option where you can choose to only listen to full tracks by one artist? I like grooveshark, but it’s not very comprehensive for the music that I listen to. Best idea for me to do this so far is iTunes playall by artist, but of course I only get to listen to snippets.

  • If you are into indie music, there is a great new website called RhythmScore at http://www.rhythmscore.com
    It’s still kinda new, but it’s got a great concept going for it!

  • Tim Thorson

    I agree with Nyarlathotep, I’ve tried nearly all of these kind of sites and I never find anything. Ever. Was never into Allied Vision much, but that late 90’s ultra-harsh electro-industrial sound is what I like too – my favourite was Numb’s latter stuff. So I know what you mean, sadly this stuff is so niche theres very few people actually made/making it which is probably why it’s so hard to find real decent recomendations on these sites. So I feel your frustration brother, if only more people had our awesome taste :D

  • Marty

    Great websites there. My new favorite is http://www.BitCandy.com They are a music filter and an internet radio station specializing in indie, alternative pop and electro

  • Tara

    Facebook is no longer supporting iLike or any downloadable music service

  • an upcoming newer site i’ve found for finding new indie music for free is MuzicNotez (http://www.muzicnotez.com/), check it out

  • You should also check out http://albumcorner.com — we’re working on a pretty interesting model for music discovery, I think!

  • Charles Koehler

    I want to import my playlist into a website that can analyze my particular likes and give recommended music based on what I already like. Sort of a Music DNA algorithm that can disect and break down my particular style of music that I broadcast and help me find new artists. http://www.live365.com/stations/ck12248384

  • vagelis
  • val

    Check out turntable.fm too. awesome website for finding music

  • How about InternetDJ?


    It’s been live since 1997.

  • Leon Finch

    Check out http://vinja.tv. You can find new band that are influenced by or have influenced bands you already like or know!

  • I can’t believe that the last comment recommends a service so similar of what I’ve build and I didn’t knew it! :S
    Well, I’ll let you compare both. With http://inflooenz.com I tried to focus only on the concept of influence having in mind the audiophile that wants to dive into the ‘parents’ of their favorite artists, and adding some relevant information to help the glance at each one.
    Let me know what you think about it!

  • MFSM

    Go to http://www.myfivestarmusic.com/ New songs and artists uploaded regularly. Give it a shot!

  • For underground electronic, hip-hop, rock music check out http://www.internetdj.com

  • For new uplifting brand new tunes try this new blog! http://musicthatstartsyourday.com/
    Start your day with 2 great songs, everyday!

  • Sunil

    Thanks for the list. I used to listen to pandora quite a bit when I lived in the US, but it’s not available in Canada. I’ve started using Sworly.com which allows people to create and sample public playlists. It’s been good to me so far.

    • John

      Thanks for recommending Sworly, lovin it! Follow me at http://sworly.com/connelly

    • Frank Liu

      Sworly is awesome! hoping they integrate with twitter soon though :)

  • amonra

    I miss http://www.tweewoo.com on this list. It’s so great!

  • davis

    I like gospel music i do compose English songs.

  • Can I offer two that I am currently developing as part of the Same Project:



    Both of which integrate social media (music, mixes, images, videos) Direct from the Artists profiles on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter, FB, etc

    When they are both ready to go Live I shall come back and hopefully ask you to review them? Great list of Music++ services :}

  • Lanteri

    Check this great review about sworly.com for more info! http://www.killerstartups.com/video-music-photo/sworly-com-listen-to-music-online/

  • GM

    For amazing electronic muisc check out: http://ThePartyChart.com

  • Soundigger

    When I want to discover new music, I usually go to Playlistunes, especially for beats and hip hop.


  • Bring Back Real Music!

  • DL

    I created a little app that does music recommendations. It takes into account all the bands that you like.

    Check it out at http://keepitonthedanlowe.herokuapp.com/rockGod/main.jsp

    It uses the last fm api.

  • Alex James

    Would definitely recommend ex.fm to anyone!

    It’s such a great feeling listening to bands, and then a few months down the line, you hear everybody listening to them.

    I’m sure you get that with all of these sites, but ex.fm is a personal fav!

  • Over the years I’ve enjoyed many of the streaming services available. However, I’ve noticed that they are all passive forms of music discovery. I would hear new songs, but always seem very ineffective at remembering the artists. I like the idea suggested above about using Shazam to tag songs you hear.

    I just launched a simple service named FIND Mu (http://findmu.com). It gives recommendations of similar artists based on ones you already know.

    Very interested to hear feedback from anyone that tries it out.

  • Hi people, please join our Facebook community “Trackspotters” (http://facebook.com/trackspotters) if you LOVE discovering and sharing new music. We really like to hear your latest discoveries and why you like the songs you send in. We can’t wait to connect with you. Lot’s of love…

  • Hi, if you want to discover new music gadgets & more check out http://soundcafé.com :D

  • Another site you can try is CandyFist http://www.candyfist.com
    It is an audio and video sharing site. Where you can also sell and buy music.

  • musicmusic.pl rank with fragments of songs

  • May I also add this blog to the list: http://listenmusicdaily.blogspot.com/
    It has a lot of different genres, artists, songs and even some top 10 lists.

  • Hey guys. You can download some good indie music for free here:


    or you can follow us on facebook:


    Lillo, Antarte

  • Mike

    You forgot about 8tracks.com which is what i use to discover a lot of amazing new stuff.

  • teej
  • A great place to discover new music is also: https://www.facebook.com/Music2BeNoticed. Check it out!

  • Jonathan Bentley
  • Jakub
  • kilian

    You missed out on Soundwave! Easily the best music discovery app. Can follow to what people are listening to in real time and find out what’s popular anywhere in the world. Best way to find people with similar music tastes

  • sparrowroberts

    Let’s ask a rhetorical question: If we were to divide wonderful living musicians into two groups, and place each group on one side of a scale, and one group was great musicians who are a part of the modern music industry, with record deals and press agents and songs on terrestrial radio, and the other group was great musicians who don’t have record deals much less press agents (and if their songs are heard on terrestrial radio then they’re sure as hell not radio stations owned by corporations)…which side would be heavier?

    It’s a blow out! The music industry is a hydrogen atom and the unaffiliateds are a Jupiter. There’s vastly more great music made by wonderful musicians on this planet without major label deals and hotshot managers than made by those who’ve managed to get inside the system. But the hydrogen atom has the pipelines.

    No pipelines for Jupiter? We’ve set up a system wherein the Jovians can set up their own piplines (as can hydrogenians; no discrimination)…

    Song recommendation software is all the rage now…but how about a network based in 21st century cyber-word-of-mouth, wherein musicians (and music lovers) recommend other musicians (and/or music lovers) with a click? Where those recommend others, and those recommend others… Recommendations cascading near and far around the world… Where nobody has to be left out of a loop which has no limits on how wide or deeply it can be cast, making it possible for the unknown and the relatively unknown and even the widely known to be heard by people who might otherwise never hear them?

    This is the MusiCodex (www.musicodex.com), sweet, simple, and powerful, based in the deepest software on the planet…the human mind. Conceived not in Silicon Valley but in an independent record shop in Brazil (by an American music drawn to the sophisticated primality of the music), and prompted by the fact that over the past decade thousands of independent record shops around the world have shut their doors forever, doors through which people by the millions used to pass in order to exchange ideas and hear recommendations, both from other customers and from sales people with deep knowledge in their specific niches.

    The MusiCodex (codex = book in Latin) was built to in some respects fill the space created when those doors were shut. To provide a place where people can follow the recommendations of musicians they respect, and anybody else they deem worth listening to. Where in terms of divulgation at least, the scales are equal.

    This is phase one. Phase two will be Nested Radio, an entirely new concept — interactive — going way beyond just listening.


  • Great list, recently started a new blog for people to find new music, one tune per day. *hope we’ll be added to this page one day* http://tuneadayblog.tumblr.com/

  • Steph

    Good work ! Stereomood a also an amazing way of discovering music : https://www.stereomood.com/

  • LoL

    Easiest way is to explore it on right on the map: http://mapstr.co

  • I use Google search, with keyword keyword songs similar to song_you_like. And the results are often amazing

  • UNIVERSAL..rec

    COME HEAR GREAT MUSIC HERE NOW http://www.mrrochustle.com

  • timbocity
  • There is also this ♥

    • Bree Frost

      Thank-you. That’s what I came here to find

  • Gabriel Coelho

    Have you tried http://www.spicymocha.com yet? It’s quite cool.

  • Sherwood_Botsford

    Wrong approach. Almost every artist that has songs I like has more I don’t like. E.g. I like about 30% of James Keelaghan, about 5% of Garnet Rogers, about 20% of Enya. 15% of Blondie; 20% of Heart. Three of Beethoven’s 9 symphonies, Only Orff’s Carmina Burana; Vaughn Williams English Folk Song Suite and variations on a Theme of Thomas Tallis, but NOT the Lark Ascending or any of his symphonies. I like Stan Roger’s Fogerty’s Cove, but not Make or Break Harbour. I like Lightfoot’s Railroad Trilogy, and Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, but don’t like Rainy Day People. I like Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances, but dislike The Birds and the Toyshop. Now: find me a new song? You need a list of songs that people dislike as well as like to make a recommendation.

  • these are good , but there are others like a good music service that can share music videos and feature films with facebook friends — http://www.mixley.com

  • m_last

    You can try Tubedio – http://www.tubedio.com – it can find similar artists to your favorite band, search them on YouTube and play them randomly.

  • Andrew Marcum

    You could just click here https://www.facebook.com/StereotypeOC

  • What about http://www.dopecats.com ? :) We are a platform where you can find playlists curated by superb artists, music projects and labels from around the world.

  • john

    http://electromindset.com another good one.

  • feedme

    http://unhypem.com/ if you want to hear the hypem charts but with the waveforms from soundcloud. Fastest way to explore new music!

  • Tim Cook

    Lots of good options for music discovery, but I feel like you can never have enough. http://www.TheMuse-Seek.com has some promise.

  • Sherwood_Botsford

    I don’t like artists. I like songs. Some artists have a higher percentage of songs I like. Few artists are over 20%. Many artists are just one song.

    How do I find new songs?

    • Diana Cartwright

      I have the same problem. If you ever figure it out, please pass it along.

  • Mike

    I just take a look to BBC’s broadcasters or key persons like Jim “the oracle” Azski or Mike Caren

  • JoyJulia

    I’ll suggest http://free-music-download.net as they provide different ways and apps to get free music.

  • Maarten
  • i use bing to find soings, and actually results are not so good, thanx for this list ..

  • Bandtraq

    Here’s another place to look for recommendations https://bandtraq.com/discover. It’s a part of our aggregator service for fans and artists. Check it out!

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