15 (More) New Design & Dev Blogs You Should Definitely Check

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There’s just one month since our latest roundup with fresh blogs in the design / development community and here it is – we have a fresh list with 15 design blogs you should definitely visit right now. Please use the comments to suggest other goodies and tell us what you think about our discoveries.

Brand Freeze


Here at BrandFreeze we love design and have a great appreciation for the way it connects us with brands. When visiting a website or using an application that’s inspiring it’s tough to describe that emotional connection

Vital Design


Part marketing partner, part consultant, part PR firm. Vital Design creates websites, professional logos, packaging, publicity and online marketing campaigns to strengthen your business. The experienced Vital team takes full ownership of the creative process to keep projects on track and reach your customers



Hello, my name is Carlos and I want to welcome you to my first blog website. Now days everybody has a blog, so I finally decided to start my own. I will be posting things I find interesting while surfing the web. I am a Computer Science graduate, so my posts will be mostly computer related

Web Appstorm


Do you love all things web related, but feel a little overwhelmed with all the options? Do you use web based applications to do your job, but aren’t sure where exactly to start? If so, we hope you’ll find our site a great resource to learn about the web tools that are available and how to put them to the best use

Creative Cox


Hi and welcome! I’m Brandon Cox, a Pastor, web and logo designer, and blogger. CreativeCox is simply the place where I collect and share highly inspiring links and articles for design creatives

Inspired Log


The official tumblelog of Inspired Magazine is the best place to find and share your inspiration sources. Feel free to submit (nonspammy) pictures, videos, screenshots, links or anything else is inspiring you!



Design discussion, inspiration, and showcases

Design Finds Me


Design Finds Me is a blog helping designers find their daily dose of inspiration. This website is for anyone who would like to wake up to a healthy dose of motivation, in addition to that morning cup of coffe

Joel Delane


This is my little space to talk about stuff i’ve seen on my travels around the net. From amazing websites to hot news i’ll be chatting about it all in this little blog spot

Design Blog


I use the blog as to share my experiments with all things design, regarding tutorials, tips or anything I find of use that you would to! I also do reviews for companies selling tothe technology and design niche, things such as Pen Tablets From Wacom

Freelance Apple


Freelance Apple is a new and upcoming blog based on freelancers, for freelancers, by freelancers. We try to cover all topics that revolve around the great journey that is freelancing, no matter what type of freelancing that may be

Web Designer Online


Web Designer Online was initiated in July 2009. Some of the things you can expect to see here: Inspiration, interviews, tutorials, and freebies

Design Feedr


It’s hard work rebooting a design blog! We’re getting to this section, soon, real soon! Thanks for your patience

Visual Evasion


Evasion, or Jérémie Werner’s portfolio, freelance graphic designer living in Strasbourg (France). Since 2004, the graphic studio has been working in different areas ranging from print and web design to the creation of visual identities



Kiosk is a design studio founded by ex-TDR designer David Bailey. We’re based in Sheffield UK, with like-minded collaborators working remotely worldwide

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • scott

    I think there are too many design-related blogs.
    btw, you could also mention queness.com and jqueryglobe.com

  • awesome sites … Fav

  • Hey, what a cool feeling to check your latest feed and see my site listed!! (CreativeCox) Thanks so much!

  • Great list of new sites. Thanks so much for listing my new blog, DesignFinds.Me, as well! I’m checking out most of them right now.

  • thanks so much for featuring me, a real honor !! :)

  • this is a lot of website to check out this day

  • thnx for featuring designussion


  • Olivia

    Nice list !
    I like so the clubclub.fr

  • I can add one more website… http://tspot.pl

  • Thanks for listing pixelelement.com

    You guys are awesome!!!

  • Frankiees

    unstage.com is another good one

  • Very cool! Thanks for including Vital Design. Always exciting when someone notices a little website design company way up in Portsmouth, NH like us. :)

  • Daro

    Great list.
    My two cents…

  • Great list! Might I add http://www.paper-leaf.com/blog ?

    (shameless, I know)

  • Thanks for featuring evasion, new version is coming soon !

  • Thank you for featuring BrandFreeze!

  • Good collection – Visual Evasion is awesome and a regular read for me. they do awesome work!

  • Nice list. Thx. My Google Reader have new work :-)

  • Mikey


    I like this one as well..


  • Dan

    Yeah…they are all okay. the only thing is that like most design blogs it’s like they copy each other and they all look pretty much the same – or is it just me? Visual Evasion is probably the best one they have some really good images on there.

  • Dee Dee

    Design Wannabe is a portal for design sites. I think it should be on this list. http://designwannabe.com

  • Thanks for featuring Web Designer Online!!

  • Thanks for featuring lot of web designer online!!

  • where is smashing magazine?

  • Great List! Thanks!

  • Great list of new sites here thanks for this!

  • I find new sites to check out everyday. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Good lookin out though and I appreciate the heads up.

  • thanks for this, nice selection of blogs here

  • Great list of resources. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great stuff, this is a great resource to bookmark for a web designer looking for some inspiration.

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