15 fresh & funny iPhone apps you must touch

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It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it’s not even a phone! Mr. Jobs gave us a fantastic product with almost unlimited entertainment power and we just can’t get enough. So please don’t miss any of these amazing apps for iPhone & iPod Touch!

MouthOff | Twitter | Demo | $1


MouthOff is highly interactive and maybe the most funny iPhone app yet. Just open the game, choose a character and the live lip-sync is ON. Have fun!

Shazam | Demo | free


Shazam is more a technology wonder than an iPhone app; with this crazy tool you can scan (tag) any music that you are listening to (on the radio, TV, at the pub wtvr) and you get the band & the name of the track. Brilliant!

Ellis | Demo | $4


A genius multi-touch application where you can tap and drag to join any number of planets together or split them up into lots of tiny little planets, and match their size as you wish. It’s addictive!

Edge | Demo | $5


The object of Edge is to move a cube around the playing field (with a finger or the accelerometer), picking up points and avoiding either getting knocked or falling off the platform.

Sway | Twitter | Demo | $5


Swing and sway through beautiful worlds in bouncy physics simulation using finger gestures to control the creatures little grabby hands. Super Mario on LSD!

Rolando | Twitter | Demo | $5


Rolando is a fantastic platform puzzle game, where Rolandos are small round creatures that seem to worship you and ask for your help to defeat the shadow creatures that have invaded their land.

Steppin | Twitter | Demo | $1


Please “step” with your fingers as fast as possible from one platform to the other on all the 5 levels. It’s even funnier than it sounds!

RJDJ | Twitter | Demo | free (now)


Often dubbed as a mind twisting hearing sensation or  the trippy soundtrack for your life, RJDJ is one of the greatest experiments ever seen on the iPhone.

Bloom | Demo | $4


You are provided with a colored screen and a quiet drone. As you tap the screen in various places, different tones play depending on where you tapped. They then loop, creating a unique piece of music on the fly.

Light Writer | Demo | $1


You can make stunning photo effects with this thing, literally writing things in the air.

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