12 Great Blogs for Typography Inspiration

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As a typographer you have a distinct advantage. Inspiration is everywhere, as text is a regular part of our every day lives: on billboards and posters, TV commercials and boxes of rice, and on our computer screens, phones and other devices. We are always confronted with new ideas and old ones that have been reused or modified.

But not all inspiration has to come from the outside world. There are actually plenty of websites that have been created in order to provide us with concepts tailored to the special mindset of typography enthusiasts. Certainly, there are more than we could list without turning this post into a directory. So, we came up with 12 of the very best the web has to offer, to give you a boost in creativity.

1. I Love Typography

I Love Typography

This blog was created with the way that typography shows up everywhere in mind. It uses real-life and online examples to inspire readers, and encourages them to create their own. They also offer occasional posts to professional websites that specialize in font and other graphic design modules. Informative and handy, this one is highly recommended.

2. The FontFeed

The FontFeed

A full font-related blog, there is a special touch of media use on FontFeed. My favorite posts is when they give on-screen examples, such as the one currently available that shows typeface from box office hits such as “Horrible Bosses” and “Crazy Stupid Love”. They manage to stay relevant to current events and trends, while giving a ton of great advice.

3. Typographica


This blog lists themselves under the header of reviews, books and commentary. They manage to deliver on all of these fronts, offering a designer’s view of different typefaces, giving in-depth articles on typography issues, and reviews and commenting on books and other related media. They also have some gorgeous font examples, and an introduction to proper typesetting.

4. Fontleech


While it hasn’t been updated in several years, Font Leech is an interesting site that gives several types of font for you to select and learn from. Many of them are updated or adapted basics that have been given a new touch, which can really spark some creative initiative when you see them. You can search fonts on the homepage.

5. Nice Web Type

Nice Web Type

The real standout section of this blog is the HTML5 Boilerplate, which focuses on helping you get your own updated HTML projects underway. But there are many fantastic font posts, videos, talks and instructional guides here to keep any modern day typographer happy. Be sure to check out the identifying tool “Whatfont” as well.

6. Type For You

Type For You

With movies, interviews, reviews of books and plenty of inspiration abound, this archive is well worth a browse. They have great examples taken from popular (and much smaller) design studios that have happily given their advice, tips and ideas for others to work from. The interviews are truly an invaluable resources, and the films are interesting.

7. Mark Simonson

Mark Simonson

A freelance designer who has worked for companies such as Target-Direct among many others in his long career, Mark Simonson has set out to create what might be one of the best blogs on graphic design. The articles are very informative and well written, with topics such as retro styles and iPad applications, and he is friendly and enjoyable to read.

8. Not a Weblog

Not a Weblog

Big things are happening at this blog, but that isn’t stopping them from sharing interesting typography examples and font designs. They update every couple of weeks, and they show everything from lettering on T-shirts to full original concepts. Right now they are going through major construction, so you shouldn’t judge their content based on the overall look of their current layout. Instead, take a wander through their archive.

9. Letritas


This is a Spanish speaking site, but it is helpful for people who don’t know the language. While you will miss out on the great posts they write, you will still be able to check out the gorgeous, full color examples they provide. They are especially interesting for those who like logos and posters, and want some fresh perspective on future design concepts.

10. Typography For Headlines

Typography For Headlines

Obviously headline specific, this is a showcase site that gathers those headlines from all across the web and presents them for you to look at. They also provide a direct link to the original site that it was taken from, providing a source and a reference of contact if you need it. Simple but functional. Here you will see design and typography collections from web resources (sites and blogs), media (infographics and videos), print media (magazines and calendars), etc

11. Font Blog

Font Blog

This is a small, but useful, blog with a collection of typography articles. Some of them are quite entertaining, such as one that uses Beavis & Butthead as an example of the limited use of numbers in most typographic arts. You would have to read it to understand.

12. Swiss Legacy

Swiss Legacy

Swiss Legacy was made for the specific purpose of inspiring other typographers who were looking for ideas. These are presented through artfully taken photographs from around the city, including signs, posters and even coffee cups. Beautiful, simple and very helpful, you will be sure to appreciate the efforts of blog owner Xavier Encinas.

There are plenty other examples of well made typography websites on the net. What are some of your own favorites?

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Tom Chu works at PsPrint, a company specializing in online printing. PsPrint offers an array of free tools, for example we have online tools that lets you make your own business cards online.