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If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, then you are definitely missing out a golden chance to maximize your business revenue. Developing a mobile application for your business is not optional anymore, because today’s customers generally spends most of their time on apps as compared to the websites.

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Creating an excellent mobile application requires years of experience & lots of skills. In the crowd of app developers, sometimes it becomes very difficult to find a perfect one to build your own smartphone application.

To help you with that I have brought you 12 key points that you should keep in mind while hiring a right mobile app developer for your business.

Clearly Describe Your Mobile App Requirements

You will not get the preferred outcome until you don’t clearly define what you exactly want in your mobile app. Before finalizing the company, many clients are afraid of revealing their project details because they think that someone may steal their ideas. But there is nothing like that, once you signed the confidentiality agreement OR NDA document, you can clearly specify all the details of the project.

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Choose An Application Developer With The Relevant Experience

The developer with years of experience in building eCommerce mobile apps might not be perfect in creating the gaming smartphone application. It means the first & foremost thing to consider while hiring an app developer is to think about “whether he is experienced in building apps in multiple categories or just one”.

Developing a mobile app is not a simple process, and thus developers without relevant experience, may fail to fulfill the client requirements. To create a flawless & a user-friendly smartphone app, you need to find a highly experienced developer in relevant field.

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Look For An Offshore Development Company To Save Money

The cost of developing a mobile app depends on a lot of factors, including resource need, features, platform, rates per hour etc. Due to these common factors, you will find different cost in different countries. Thus, instead of hiring a native mobile app developer, offshoring your mobile app is a good idea to get it built at affordable prices.

But, don’t forget to make an agreement before hiring an offshore smartphone application development company and make sure you fix all payment plans before they start working on your app.

Look For A Developer Who Can Guide You

A good company not only develop the mobile apps, they also guide their clients to make better apps. They effectively provide the answer for questions, such as:

  • How you can make your mobile app look appealing.
  • What other features you should add in your smartphone app.
  • What kind of design your users may like.
  • Which technology would be best to build your mobile app.

An expert mobile app development company is always aware of all the latest trends and technologies and will guide you accordingly, because they have worked with many clients across the globe.

Check The Previous Work Of The Company

Hire a company who impresses you with the quality of their previous apps built. You can easily check it by visiting their portfolio page.

From the portfolio page you will have an idea about the things like

  • What kind of mobile applications they are building?
  • On which mobile platform the company is creating the most mobile apps?
  • What the clients are saying about their work?
  • Which technology the company is following?

Researching on the above questions will ease your work to hire an ideal developer to create your mobile app.

Keep The Quality At First Place, Not The Cost

Every business has a specified budget, but often the low cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run. Hiring a company at too low prices might not give the outcome as per your requirements. Thus, it’s better not to compromise with quality to save a few dollars.

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Make Sure Everything Fits In Your Budget And Deadline

Budget and deadline to create the mobile app equally matters as the quality and performance. Although, you can find an expert, but it is typical to find the one who also provides the solution at affordable budget within the specified deadline.

Thus, make sure that the whole process from start to the end of publishing the mobile app fits in your budget as well as the deadline.

Seamless Communication

If you are hiring the company offshore, then communication becomes a thing of matter. There may be the language, time zone or any other issues which can cause an obstacle in proper communication.

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To check whether you can communicate easily or not with the company, you may initiate the conversation via emails, chat and in a better way, I will suggest you to place a phone call. The more you communicate with each other, the smoother the process will go, which consequently results in the required outcome.

Check The Technical Skills Of The Developer

For building the smartphone apps, various tools, technologies & open source platforms are available in the market. Make sure that the developer is familiar with all these different platforms & technologies.

Consult About The Money Making Ways

If you are building the mobile app for any general purpose, then it’s OK, but if your chief goal is to make revenue, then you need to dig deeper to know what strategies and features would work perfectly.

Consult with the developer about different ways to generate a better revenue from your mobile app.

Specify The Goals And Scope Of Your App

Before finalizing the company, clearly specify the goals and scope like

  • Which country you want to target?
  • Which age group audience you like to target?
  • What features you want to include in your application?

By defining the above things clearly, you can have an idea of cost as well as the time required to build the mobile app.

Find The Developer Who Follows The Clean Coding Standards

Every developer has its own style of writing code. If there are two developers, one using the long code & other doing the same in just 2 lines of code with similar results, which one would you like to prefer?

Obviously, the second one with less code. Coding in a clean and short way take less time to develop as well as make it easy to do any further changes.

Additional Tip: Build A Long Term Relationship

Mobile app development is not a single time process, it goes through many phases & cycles based on the further feedback of the users. Therefore, choose the company that can establish a long term relationship with you during the whole life cycle of your smartphone application.

Final Words

Focus on your business requirements and never compromise with the quality of your mobile application to save a few dollars. Also, don’t take the decision in a hurry, take some time and research deeply & properly talk with development team before finalizing them. Always, check the developer’s previous work & evidences of their success and then take the decision smartly.

Author Bio: Himanshu Mehra is an Inbound Expert & tech writer at theninehertz.com mobile app development company. He is passionate to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales. You can get in touch with him on Twitter , LinkedIn and Google+. He will be happy to hear from you.

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