20 Top Designers Share the Coolest iPhone Apps They Use Everyday

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As some of you know, the eleventh commandment is Share your cool iPhone apps with your friends and you shall discover new stuff from others! And that’s what these awesome designers did – they made screengrabs of their iPhones and cherished the app love with everybody. We have tons of great apps here, be sure to scan really good every screencapture and feel free to share yours in the comments or send screenshots on hello@inspriedm.com

Chris Spooner | @ChrisSpooner | blog

I’m a Creative Designer, avid blogger and I’m generally crazy about pretty colours and shapes. More about my apps


Mills & Paris Hair | @millsustwo | @parishair | blog

Mills: co-owner of digital design family ustwo™ ‘the studio of dreams’ – and one of the only tweeters not talking fucking shite

Paris: I am an illustrator and animator now working as Head Of Content at ustwo™


Calvin Lee | @mayhemstudios | blog

Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan


Daniel Howells | @siteinspire | blog

siteInspire is a showcase of the best web design today, highlighting examples of exciting visual and interface design


Chad Engle | @chadengle | blog

Designer, wordpresser, caffeine addict, RSS freak, mac fanboy, beta tester, adobe nut & a design community innovator FT designer for Charles Ryan Associates



Grace Smith | @gracesmith | blog

A 26 year old Freelance Web and Graphic Designer in ♥ with web standards and social media. An unashamed Apple Fangirl


Pavel Ciorici | @ciorici | blog

Founder of WPZOOM, Blogger, Web-Designer, WordPress Themes Creator. http://ciorici.com – personal blog


Luke Beard | @lukesbeard | blog

Graphic Designer & Web Designer from ‘merry o England’ alwasys willing to say hi and get to know internet peoples! Yes my beard is awesome.


Roger Byrne | @styletime | blog

Social Media, WordPress & Design, sharing inspiration, originally from England now in Egypt! Work with the cool Envato crew!



Chris Rodgers | @wizarddlite | blog

Web developer and Internet Addict! But my true passion is Design!


Michael Martin | @problogdesign | blog

Web designer, specialising in blog design. Which I blog about :)


Niki Brown | @nikibrown | blog

Graphic & Web Designer



Christopher Wallace | @chriswallace | blog

Cancer survivor, designer, developer, entrepreneur. Runs chris-wallace.com, alldevjobs.com, mashedjobs.com


Cody Days | @codydays

Designer / Coder and PRarketeer® exploring the  application area with interest, loves creativity, coolness and NGMOCO!


Shean O’Grady | @miralize | blog

Web Designer, Student, Blogger


Josh Hemsley | @joshhemsley | blog

Web Designer, Front-End Developer, Christ follower, Husband, Father, Full-time Creative Juice Mixer


Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • lukesbeard

    Thanks for the include guys! great work

  • thanks for sharing! Here's a link to some of the iphone apps I use as a designer…. http://bt.io/5Ja

  • Excellent article, thre we can see the Iphone is a webdesigner phone, it has soo many apps, and productivity tools for us, amazing, i don't have too much on mine but what i have I use them a lot.

  • mskendrae

    No Stanza… sigh eBooks are cool.

  • Thanks for the highlight! Interesting to see what all the other apps are people use.

  • some good apps there.. I know I wan't to JB my iPhone for Qik and a few others too, but just don't want to deal with the headaches…
    Here's mine:

  • yipyop

    This article might be useful if there were actually links to the apps.

  • rmdesign

    Useless article. We're coming here to find out about apps we've never used or know nothing about, and you show us icons. No explanation of what any of these apps do, or what the designers use them for. We're supposed to look each of these up in the App Store ourselves? Useless.

    • Don't worry guys, if you don't want to actually look for the apps in the homescreens shared by the designers – there's a post for that :) Better said, it will be a post with the most popular apps for designers. Cheers!

  • taylorcollins

    I was not impressed by the portfolios linked to these designers. Why are they “top designers?” and according to who?

  • Love posts on IPhone Apps. Here are my picks http://thegraphicdesignshop.com/content/its-all

  • Thanks for including me guys!! I really dig this post!!

  • bunnydesign

    great idea, love seeing other interesting peoples iphone apps.

  • johnsonkoh

    Interesting list

  • Shannon

    Extremely disappointing. At first glance I was so excited, every post should have had a breakdown like Chris Spooner's. No links, no explanation? Just look at the shiny icons and wonder what they do? What a let down. Horrible post.

  • cam

    damnit! more reasons to get an iphone….grrrrrr

  • Thanks for sharing! This is great. I am a designer and illustrator and I created a few apps for preschool age kids. You can see some screenshots on my site: http://www.duckduckmoosedesign.com

    Old MacDonald on the AppStore: http://tinyurl.com/r85o4v

    Wheels on the Bus on the AppStore: http://tinyurl.com/chyloe

  • chad

    anyone else notice the palvori’s iphone app night stand’s icon reads 4:20 on the clock?

  • chad

    Pavel Ciorici * sorry

  • Martin

    Like a baby bird. Cheap Cheap. No Links?

  • Petr
  • Jax

    worthless without context to what they are

  • Very cool. The visual review is SO much better than another boring text list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angela
  • Jim

    The first game I played was that Topple game… It still rocks. Did you guys try the app “About MyGirl”? Found it quite useful..

  • Steven

    what about opentable ?

  • Janek

    night stand icon always says 4:20 :P its an icon. does not change, as the cal icon does.

  • For those app developers that don’t know Objective-C and Cocoa Touch and don’t want to outsource development, check out localbeacon (an iphone app builder) at http://www.bigforge.com. Great for those who want to build just one app or developers interested in white label.

  • For me the coolest iPhone app released in the last 6 months is FastMall which includes turn by turn directions from store to restroom to food at most of the largest shopping malls around the US, Canada and UK all without using GPS. You can shake your iphone and locate the nearest bathroom then be taken to it! Find sales, deals, coupons, remember where you parked, write lists to remember what to buy, post status on facebook and twitter, check in at malls, stores, review just about anything, video review anything, recalculate your trip using elevators only (amazing feature for moms with strollers or anyone in a wheelchair and much more which is unreal and FREE…this may be the best app of all time for the masses.

  • DaveM

    I don’t know any of these people’s names.

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  • nice list,Thanks for sharing! I really dig this post!!

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    Interesting list!!!

  • very well made, Thank you very much for the information.
    I will be really useful for all the work we are developing.

  • I like this, and it’s always good to see what apps others in the industry are using, but what would be really great would be some idea of just how much they are using them – or the ones they use most often. I think’s it’s estimated that people only use about 30-40% of the apps on their phone regularly, so if we could rank these designers’ apps by popularity, no doubt that would really throw up a few interesting surprises.

  • Nice compilation. Thanks :)

  • Thomas

    InstaLogo is a great app for designing logos on your iphone or ipad.

  • Kash

    Hey guys,

    Have you seen this app “Contacts Guard Pro”? It has a very nice layout and great features. Check here