11 creative examples of typefaces and typography

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A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but a picture created out of words is worth more than a million words. Looking to give even more meaning to the words that hold importance to you? Using intricate fonts and typographic designs can help your words mean so much more. Today, we’re bringing you some of the best unique and intricate examples of typography to help inspire you to create text masterpieces of your own.

1. Organic Font Set by Visual Freaks

This is hands down one of the most intricate and visually striking fonts I’ve ever seen. The creative minds over at Visual Freaks explain that, “All forms of life share the same stages: birth, growth, death and resurrection. Everything is organic, nothing is lost, everything evolves.” That concept of life is the embodiment of this Organic Font Set, and they hope it inspires you to create your own evolution. Download and start using this font to create some awesome typography art.

2. Chalk Alphabet by Antonio Rodriguez Jr.

Antonio is a self-taught designer and a lover of creative and intricate lettering. He created an intricate chalk alphabet that is entirely hand-drawn. This project is incredibly unique and creative, and the alphabet has a truly vintage and almost circus-like feel.

3. Forgotten Playbill by Lauren Ashpole

Lauren has been a font designer for over 15 years, and years ago she fell in love with the intricate lettering design she had seen on an old playbill. She was absolutely compelled to create a typeface that mimicked the detailed floral pattern featured in the type, as well as the thick lines. The typeface Forgotten Playbill is the result of her determination to create something awesome based on the playbill she had seen years ago. Now, you can use the incredible typeface she created to craft unique designs of your own.

4. Depicting Parisian Neighborhoods with Typography

The creative agency Havas Worldwide developed an incredible typography-inspired video that showcases the different areas of Paris written in interesting typographic designs. It’s a cool video that I just recently came across, and I’m so impressed by how the video flows in a crisp and clean manner between the different Parisian neighborhoods.

Havas Worlwide Paris / Carte de Vœux (Best Wishes) 2013 – Flying V – Wizzdesign (QUAD) from QUAD on Vimeo.

5. Sailor Tattoo by Artist of Design

Have you ever been a huge fan of old style sailor tattoos? If you love the style of pre-WWII tattoos, you’ll love the old look and worn feel of this typeface designed by Artist of Design.

6.  Zulia Pro by Joluvian

Zulia Pro is a 3D lettering type that makes a big and bold statement. Joluvian is a venezuelan graphic designer based in Madrid who wanted to create a typeface design that really packed a punch. So, he came up with Zulia Pro a 3D lettering typeface to make words stand out beyond the page.

7. Typographic Golf Course

Ollie Willis is a UK based graphic designer with a passion for typography and a flare for creating something different. He decided to create a typographic miniature golf course that featured 45 and 90 degree angles to help the golf ball flow smoothly through the course. This is a fun and inspirational way to showcase typography that is also useful.

8. Jazzed Up Typography

The Generative Gatsby: Jazzed Up Typography is a book that showcases the rhythm of the music from the age of Gatsby. Vladimir V. Kuchinov, the author of the book has used a multitude of different fonts and used a processing method to see how the text of the book would match up with musical notes. According to Kuchinov, “All layouts were produced by generative method where authentic music scores were translated into text position, its size and, of course, a selection of typeface.”

9. Using a Camera to Create Incredible Typography

Ross Aitken decided to de-construct an old Tudor and re-use it’s pieces to create meaningful typography. He chose to create the letter ‘P’ entirely out of the pieces from the camera. It’s a great way to make typography appear inspiration. P can stand for photo, picture, photography, or anything else related to photos and take cameras.

10. Science Noire by David is Creative

Science Noire is a typeface inspired by scientific laboratories. If you’re for a fun and magical typeface that is perfect to make a big impression, Science Noire is one that will definitely do the trick. Creating a typographic poster that stands out and tells your story isn’t easy, but using this typeface can help you go a long way.

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