100 Must Read Freelance Intelligence Tips & Tricks

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Bad news people – you need to read all these 10 articles in order to become a better freelancer! That’s it, don’t make plans for the weekend!

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Freelance Career

Working as a contractor – or freelancing as it is often termed – is both a great stepping stone to running your own business and a viable career in itself

The Roadmap To Becoming A Professional Freelance Web Designer

Becoming a freelance web designer is a common dream among many designers, although it takes quite a bit of talent, business savvy, committment, and time. With all there is to consider when becoming self-employed, one can become overwhelmed — enough to deter themselves from trying at all

13 Tips for Effective Communication with Clients

Being able to communicate effectively with clients is easily one of the most important aspects of being a web designer. The communication process starts immediately as you’ll need to learn what the client wants and expects from you, and as you get to know more about their business

Freelance Contracts: Do’s And Don’ts

In the world of freelancing, the entrepreneur has to take on a number of tasks for themselves that would normally be handled by a separate department at a bigger company

15 Tips for Breaking in as a Part-Time Freelancer

The best way to get started as a freelancer, in my opinion, is part time. There are many benefits to starting off in a limited role (which we will discuss in this article), as opposed to jumping in full-time. Here we will take a detailed look at the subject and provide tips based on experience

50 Essential Web Apps for Freelancers

When you make the decision to go out on your own, you are faced with many choices. Should you work from home or rent a space? Bill hourly or by the job? What kind of hours should you assign as ‘work time’?

How to Stop Interruptions

We interrupt this productive work day to bring you this special message on how to avoid distractions

20 Top Design Blogs Looking for Freelance Writers

Inspired by an article from Blogsessive – How a Great Backlink Can Make You An Instant Success – I started to scan my favorite design blogs in order to see who’s accepting guest writers

The World’s Top Freelancers Share Their Secrets

Instead of bestowing my vast knowledge and experience upon you, I’m going to open up this blog post for everyone to contribute to. Post your best freelance advice or stories in the comments

Creating Your Own Deadlines and Setting Aggressive Goals for Your Business

In this post I thought I’d discuss some of the benefits for entrepreneurs and startups to setting aggressive goals and creating deadlines

How To Maximize Your Freelance Income

In this post we’ll teach you how to maximize your income by both finding and winning opportunities that are already out there, and then by creating your own new income opportunities

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