10 WordPress Themes For Your New Lifestream Blog

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As Steve Rubel and every serious blogger is preaching right now, blogging has evolved to a new level – the lifestream (at least at a personal level). Here you have your Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr entries mixed together with blog posts for a complete experience of your personality.

Varnish | $35 | Details | Demo


Varnish is quite possibly the most customizable WordPress theme on the planet. Choose one of the 23 bundled colour schemes, or create your own – all from WP-Admin! This theme is geared towards the blogger who likes to share their life and themselves with the world.

Bloggingstream | $70 | Details | Demo


Bloggingstream caters to both those irregular personal bloggers, as well as the more serious publishers. The theme, which sports a nifty, integrated lifestream and sidebar video player, can be used for personal blogs.

SocialPress | #30 | Details | Demo


SocialPress is a wordpress theme geared towards, well, being social. It has tons of admin options, integrated features, a clean design with 3 different colors, and much much more!

MyWeblog | $ 70 | Details | Demo


A personal blog in the same vein as our most popular themes – Busy Bee & Fresh News. The style is modern and funky, whilst the colour-coded categories are sure to provide you with a little bit of extra fun when crafting that next blog post!

Imperial | $30 | Details | Demo


Imperial is a theme with no specific focus. It’s not sure if it wants to be a personal blog, or house an online magazine. It’s not even sure if it’s black or white, for that matter!

Thick | $70 | Details | Demo


THiCK is a super-personal theme that focuses on you: the blog owner. With both clean & grunge, dark & light styles, as well as 5 colour schemes for each, you’re sure to find one you like.

Agregado | Free | Details | Demo


The theme features a built-in lifestream module and contact form with custom control panel options.

Vintage WP | $25 | Details |Demo


Vintage is modern website template for portfolio or blog. Equipped with jquery plugins, for better usability and style. Also there are 5 color styles (+ default gray).

Ambience | $70 | Details | Demo


Ambience is a simple, yet elegant, theme designed for personal bloggers. With the customized lifestreaming widget and prominent Twitter status message, the theme is perfect for aggregating all of your online content into one place.

Lifestream WP Plugin | Free | Download


Lifestream is a plugin built on top of the WordPress platform. It allows you to effortlessly integrate your social network activity across the web with your blog.

PS: For a different lifestream experience you could also try other apps, like Posterous, Tumblr, Soup, or Sweetcron.

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