10 web builders that don’t require any coding skills

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Whether a big corporation or a small fast food joint, any business needs a website today. Without web visibility, there hardly is any. When was the last time you drove around town to get a pizza? Even if you want to eat out, you still google a restaurant first. Fortunately, the days when you had to hire a webmaster and pay him a fortune for a site are over. With the new code free web builders at the vanguard of the IT market, you no longer have to depend on web designers to have a site made, but you take the matters into your own hands. Even a child can have a site built. I’m talking about user friendly software, implying no usage of coding. It’s as easy as editing a picture and it takes literally minutes. All the coding is like an engine running in the background – all the users sees is stylish templates, fonts and colors. Still not convinced? Take a look at this list of the best web builders on the web today:

IM Creator

IM Creator is the type of software that offers you great power, but doesn’t burden you with great responsibility. It combines great level of detail and complexity with ease of use and accessibility for everyone. It has a top menu full of drag and drop widgets (pictures, slideshows, videos, texts). Registration is not even required. There’s no shortage of templates and their variations cover all the domains you can think of. You can either edit a template or start your site from scratch. Are you a beginner? No problem! The customer service team is made of professional designers and is at your disposal, but the video tutorial and the pdf guide available at the beginning of your tour are more than enough to learn everything you know. A forum and FAQ section are also available. They also offer hosting plans, starting from $9.95 per month, but other than that the service costs nothing.


WebStartToday have made a passion for business websites. With real chances to lead the market in a few years, they have more than a thousand templates matching almost every type of business out there: restaurants, beauty salons, dentist cabinets, car rentals, cleaners, and so on. Templates are complete to the point where they have the dummy text in place. You can replace it with one click in real time. Don’t worry about other sites looking similarly, it’s really not the case. Even if the templates are the same, the dominating colors are easily changeable. Other neat features include unlimited storage and 24/7 customer support.


Website.com provides a lot of extra features and options that not many web creators offer, such as a free custom domain, personalized e-mail, no ads, SEO optimization, Google Analytics, and even stock photos. It offers three plans – starter, professional and managed, priced at $4.95, $8.95 and $29.95. Prices are per month, but the minimum purchase possibility is for a year. The last package offers professional assistance and maintenance every month.


uCoz is a reliable web service offering the winning combination of a flexible site builder and powerful cloud-hosting infrastructure. It was launched seven years ago, and since then it has been serving more than 2 million active websites all over the world (there are 16 full-fledged language localizations). At the moment uCoz is the number one website builder in Eastern Europe.

The key characteristic of this site builder is versatility. Due to their various modules (Forum, Blog, Polls, Mini Chat, Gallery, Online Games just to name a few) you can create any type of a website there, be it a business website, portfolio or a powerful e-shop. There is a free plan on uCoz allowing you to explore the ins and outs of the system yourself prior to upgrading to their paid plan. Free package offers everything you need to create a functioning, exceptional website.



Creating a professional website is hard enough as it is. It needs to have a certain look, high quality photographs, and high quality content – you have enough to worry about as it is, so why should you have to code it too? That’s why Webydo was created – so you can create numerous amounts of websites for your clients without having to focus your time and energy on the code. Webydo, with its incredible CMS, is the perfect 1 stop solution for both a professional designer and their clients. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and made especially for designers.So if you’re ready for a professional web building platform for professionals, you’re ready for Webydo.


Though specialized in online stores, Cubender can be used to build any type of website. Editing the templates is a very easy process. It provides e-commerce functions, mobile integration, SEO configuration, Google Analytics and many more. It offers a 14 days trial, after which you can publish your site right away. The prices are really competitive, starting at $9.95 per month. Considering the services provided, it’s a real bargain.


Aircus is the herald of future web design. It is accessible, good looking and modern. It’s not too complex nor does it have scores of templates and customizing methods, but the existing ones are as flexible as it gets. This is not a downside, however. On the contrary: Aircus is a great tool for a busy entrepreneur, who wants a website built right away. It is also available on tablet and phone platforms, making it easy to use from basically anywhere. In just a few minutes you get a site going, and the best part is the cost: completeley free.


Wix is a very accessible and catchy web builder. On the main page you introduce the field of choice and it quickly matches the templates accordingly. If you don’t like the result, you can edit and customize it. No need to rush, as the trial is unlimited – only after you’re completely done you get to choose the plan and publish your site. All these make Wix an ideal web builder for beginners or customers that don’t want to spend a whole day at the computer.


MadeFreshly is a great tool for web stores and is very easy to use. After accessing the home page the next thing you know is you’re adding products on your shelves. Registration is not needed until after this part, when you get to customizing your site. After that, you choose the payment method and package. There are 6 templates, 3 premium and 3 for free. The free package has its limits: two themes, one site, three pages and one image for each product. Premium plans come as three and they are priced at $11.99, $19.99 and $34.99 respectively.


Wopop is a web builder whose templates are sorted by field of business or dominant color. You can see them before registering, to get an idea about the designs and what matches your needs most. The normal option includes ads, but the premium plans are very convenient: prices start at $2.98 per month. Other features include live chat and telephone support, hosting, custom domains and a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

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