10 Twitter Tools To Save More Time

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This is a guest post by Leo Widrich – Co-Founder of Buffer, a Twitter App to tweet more consistently without annoying your followers. As he focuses on getting Buffer off the ground, Leo writes and gives Twitter Tips at blog.bufferapp.com

Saving time on Twitter and handling it more efficiently is key for me. Especially as you can easily waste hours and hours without getting anything else done. So here is a set of 10 tools I use frequently which allow me to remain genuine, yet optimise my efforts on Twitter. Take a look, I hope they are interesting for you too:


1.) Twoolr – The Twitter Metrics You Were Looking For

Twoolr is a super slick Twitter App offering you the chance to see a ton of interesting analytics going on around your Twitter account. Wordclouds, user comparison or simple growth reports, it’s all there on an intuitive interface.

Big Time Saver: Get reports straight to your inbox is super handy and convenient

More here: Twoolr

2.) Buffer – Tweeting more consistently without annoying

(Full disclosure: I work on Buffer.)  Buffer gives you the chance to tweet all the interesting stuff you are reading, without flooding your followers. Simply throw all those tweets into your Buffer and they are posted well spaced out for you throughout the day.

Big Time Saver: Add tweets to Buffer from any page and even Twitter.com with browser extensions.

Find out more here: Buffer

3.) Hashable – Making connections and remembering them

Hashable is a super simple tool to facilitate making introductions online. You simply put a hashtag describing the activity or form of meeting you just had and the name. In this way you can share with others what you are up to.

Big Time Saver: All these connections are safely stored to be accessed anytime to refresh your memory.

Find out more here: Hashable

4.) BackTweets – Find Out Who Is Tweeting Your Stuff

BackTweets is one of those super handy tools any blogger or content producer should have in his toolkit. Simply add your URL of the post you want to track and get absolutely every single person mentioning it. It gets all shortened or unshortened URL’s alike.

Big Time Saver: There is no sign up required, so all you do is throw your URL in and you are set.

Find out more here: Backtweets

5.) Twilert – Google Alerts For Twitter

The name basically says it all. Twilert is a neat system that allows you to track certain search terms everywhere in the TwitUniverse. You then receive a daily digest email each day with full details about who and when your search term was mentioned.

Big Time Saver: Twilert offers a lot of filtering options to really only display relevant results.


Find out more here: Twilert

6.) Tweepi – Get rid of unwanted followers

Tweepi is a friendly tool that helps you to clean out your Twitter account. Get rid of those that don’t follow you back, clutter your stream or have turned inactive users. In just a few clicks you can handle all this and lots of more features.

Big Time Saver: It save a ton of time that you are able to reciprocate those that YOU don’t follow back.

Find out more here: Tweepi

7.) Tweriod – Learn about your followers activity

Tweriod is the perfect solution for you in case you want to know in detail when your followers are online during the day. Tweriod will provide you with two simple graphs showing you the days of the week and times of the day your followers are online the most.

Big Time Saver: The app conveniently sends you a DM for when your reports are ready.

Find out more here: Tweriod

8.) MediaFunnel – Tweet Collaboratively

MediaFunnel is the less well known competitor to CoTweet. It allows you to tweet together in teams on one Twitter account with a ton of helpful features integrated into the platform. The interface is very intuitive and handling tweets as a team works a charm.

Big Time Saver: What I really like is the option to set up brand monitoring right there.

Find out more here: MediaFunnel

9.) Refynr – Refine your Twitter Stream

Refynr is a new Tool that is quickly gaining popularity. It allows you to set up your twitter stream to contain less clutter such as Foursquare tweets, #FF or day to day happenings that don’t add any value to your stream.

Big Time Saver: It also works on your mobile where getting rid of clutter is very useful


Find out more here: Refynr

10.) BinReminded – Set Tweet Reminders

You are living inside Twitter and are sick of forgetting certain things. Set yourself reminders for when things are due and receive timely tweets to remember them. The functionality also extends to texts and payments via paypal.

Big Time Saver: The fact that you can set recurring events helps a great deal to save more time.

Find out more here: BinReminded


These are my top ten tools which save me a ton of time each day.

Are some of the above useful for you too?

Let me know below, eager to find out.


Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Buffer, a smarter way to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and more. Leo also writes more Social Media tips at blog.bufferapp.com